Monday, October 22, 2018

IOS News

Some App Developers Tricking Users into Subscription-Based iOS App Prices

A new report was just released that is showing the tricks that are being utilized to get people on iOS to unwittingly sign up...

Android News

Palm Making a Mini Android Phone Companion

Palm has decided to get back into the phone game with an annoucement this week of a new mini Android phone companion. This mini...

Popular This Week

The iOS 12 Adoption Rate is Already Over 50 Percent

Apple just shared some figures which showed that iOS 12 adoption rates have already exceeded 50 percent. That is pretty amazing because iOS 12...

Popular This Week

Google Maps on Android Auto Gets New Update

We have great news for you if you have Android Auto and use Google Maps. There is a new update rolling out right now...

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Editors Choice

Steam Client Update Adds Streaming to Multiple Devices

We have great news for you this weekend as there is a new Steam client update rolling out right now. There are several changes...

Google Assistant Now Plays Netflix on Android TV Devices

We have great news when it comes to the Google Assistant found on your Android TV, as now it can play Netflix. Previously, you...