Friday, August 16, 2019

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Newest Google Play Services Update Drains Your Battery

The newest Google Play Services update has rolled out and there is a huge problem with the update. A lot of people are reporting...

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Gris- A Visually Stunning Platform Adventure Hits iOS Next Week

We are very excited to tell you that Gris is going to be coming to iOS on August 22, which is only a week...

Popular This Week

Grid 2 Removed from Steam without Warning

We have some bad news from Steam this week as it appears Grid 2 has been permanently removed from Steam. This isn't the first...

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Editors Choice

Google Maps Extends Availability of AR Walking Directions on iOS &...

AR walking directions are being expanded to more iOS and Android devices this week in a move we know you'll love. You might have...

Telegram Brings Silent Message Feature & More to iOS

Telegram for iOS has updated this past week and one new feature found in the update is Silent Message. There are several other improvements...