Thursday, June 4, 2020

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Google Develops Sodar Tool for Android to Help You Social Distance

At a time when we're all supposed to be social distancing from one another, you might have trouble figuring out what six feet is...

Popular This Week

Adobe Using Share With & Open With Menus for Advertisements for...

In what seems like a pretty shady move, Adobe is sneaking in advertisements for other Adobe Android apps into the Android share menu. You...

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YouTube Officially Adds Video Chapters to iOS & Android

The YouTube app for iOS and Android added a new feature this week that we wanted to tell you about. This new feature is...

Google Postpones Android 11 Beta Unveiling as George Floyd Protests Intensify

Google has made an announcement saying that the Android 11 beta unveiling was just axed. This event was scheduled for June 3 and the...