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    10 tricks you didn’t know your Android apps could do

    Dec 10, 2018

    Whether you have been using Android all your life or you just decided to switch, it doesn’t change the fact that there are over 3.5 million apps on the Google Play Store. And you can do more with them than you can image – like betting on your favorite sports matches online with the Betway iOS app anytime you want.

    We have compiled a list here of a few tricks you can do with some these apps, that may prove useful to you.

    1. An All-In-One Travel Assistant (Free)

    Google Trips allows you to plan your trips in one place. This app will automatically collect your flight and hotel detail, itineraries and all other information in can capture from your emails. It will also provide you with recommendations to local sights and attractions as well as popular day plans that cater to your selective needs. All these details can be saved offline on your device.

    1. Track all your data usage (Free)

    Ever wonder why your phone is consuming a lot of data? Or do you want to check exactly how much of data any app will use up? Well, Google’s new data management app, Datally, will do just that for you. The app will track the data usage of every app installed on your phone and will allow you to see the trends in the usage over time. It also has a Data Saver option that allows you to control data usage on each app and restrict the use of background data without hindering the real-time data usage.

    1. Digitize your printed photos (Free)

    We all have those albums full of old photos that we would like to digitize and preserve. Photoscan allows you to create a high-quality digital image of these pictures. It takes away the hassle of getting those photos scanned through outside means.

    1. Download YouTube Videos (Free)

    TubeMate allows you to download YouTube videos directly onto your phone in any quality you prefer. This app is not available in the Play Store, but you can download the apk and install it on any Android phone.

    1. Unblock Netflix’s Region Lock (Free/Paid)

    VPNHub is one of the only few apps available that allows you to stream Netflix from anywhere in the world. It acts as a VPN and has a wide variety of regions you can watch in. You can watch the US Server for free but you have to unlock the others by upgrading to Premium.

    1. News tailored for you (Free)

    Google News delivers the best news to you using Artificial Intelligence techniques. It has a “For you” tab that is heavily personalized only to show you what you would like to see.

    1. Help with Cancer Research (Free)

    Dreamlab will use the time when your phone is just idle and charging to download small chunks of research problems and simulations and use the idling power to help solve these problems and send them back to the researchers.

    1. Improve the Ping on Pubg (Paid)

    Most Pubg Mobile players will notice that a small lag in the game could cost you a lot. UUBooster is the only paid app that brings your Ping down noticeably and allows you to play the game smoothly.

    1. Turn your phone into a universal remote (Paid)

    Anymote uses the IR Blaster on your phone to transform it into a universal remote that can be used on TV’s, DVD Players or any other device that uses IR Commands.

    1. Recognize text through a Picture(Free)

    Camscanner is a powerfool tool that allows you to take a picture of a note, recognize the text and make it editable.