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More Than 1,000 Games Added After Steam Direct Launch

Aug 9, 2017

Steam Direct replaced Steam Greenlight a few months ago, and people were anxious about what this could mean for games on Steam. It appears that instead of making Steam more exclusive as some had worried about, the new Steam Direct system is leading to more games being on the gaming platform. We finally have solid numbers seven weeks after Steam Direct launched, and the numbers show more than 1,000 games have since landed on Steam.

Over 1,000 Games Added to Steam Since Steam Direct Launched

It seems like it has not been that long since Steam Greenlight was replaced with Steam Direct. It has been seven weeks, and at the nearly two-month mark, we finally are seeing what the program is doing. Some thought Valve was making a mistake doing away with Steam Greenlight because it would lead to too many games.

Other people thought Steam Direct would make it more exclusive and harder to get into. If you have not heard about Steam Direct before, it is the new program that will let any game developer submit a game to Steam for just $100.

The $100 fee was a lot lower than it could have been since some were suggesting up to $5,000 for a submission fee. With it being low and only $100, it seems to be giving more game developers the push they need to submit their game to Steam.

The new Steam Direct figures, which were put together by Ico Partners, shows that over 1,000 games were added to Steam. This is a pretty huge amount, breaking it down even more, 215 games were published within this past week. Ever since Steam Direct launched, Steam has been pushing out more games every week.

Steam Direct Increases Steam Game Publishing

When you look at the graph, you will see that the games released between July 2016 and July 2017 have went up significantly. In July 2016, only 28 games were pushed out on Steam. Within the first week of July 2017, there were 84 games published on Steam. Valve said that there would be a huge surge of submissions when the new program first launched.

It appears that actually is the case just as Valve predicted. Valve made this prediction due to the fact that Steam Greenlight games were going out and the new game submissions would be coming in. Since Valve had to play catch-up between the two systems for a period of time, it would lead to an increase of games on Steam.

Valve said that the new Steam Direct would only be pushing out good games though, and a lot of the junk should be gone from the system. Steam Greenlight had quite a bit of junk, so the system was redone with new algorithms and support for the Steam Direct upgrade.

Some people who are on Steam though have noticed there are still quite a few games getting through that maybe should not have. Overall, there does not seem to be that much of a change on the quality of the games, but hopefully that is just because of leftovers from Steam Greenlight.

We will do not know though if the 1,000 new games on Steam was because of Steam Direct completely, or if a lot of these games were in the Steam Greenlight system that Valve finally went through. It could just be that Steam Direct is new, which would increase the curiosity of game developers to try it out for the $100. The addition of all of these games could also become the new normal on Steam. We will have to wait and see since we are only about two months out since the launch of Steam Direct.