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11 New Currencies Coming to Steam

Nov 9, 2017

We have some good news for you if you play on Steam as 11 new currencies are about to land on the PC gaming platform. Steam has been changing things quite a bit the past few months, and this is the latest step in making the platform even more convenient for everyone. There will be support for the new currencies on November 13, which will allow more people from all over the world to enjoy Steam. If you have a Steam account, read on to learn more about which new currencies you will see on Steam.

Steam Adds 11 New Currencies To Lineup

There are 11 new currencies coming to Steam on November 13. This is going to be very beneficial for people outside of the United States. When it comes to Steam, it is important to get even more currencies on the platform to encourage those outside of America to join the popular gaming platform.

Previously, a lot of people had to purchase the games with USD, which did make things difficult in the Steam Store. It appears Valve is trying to make Steam more of an international gaming platform by adding these 11 new currencies. We have the details on those 11 new currencies and we are excited to share those details with you.

As far as the new currencies go, there is the Argentinian Peso, Polish Zloty, Uruguayan Peso, and Vietnamese Dong. Also added to Steam is the Costa Rican Colon, Kazakhstani Tenge, Kuwaiti Dinar, and the Qatari Rial. The Ukrainian Hryvnia, Israeli New Shekel, and the South Asian USD are also included in the list. This is going to really help Valve make Steam a place to go for games no matter where you live in the world. No longer will people need to use the USD to purchase their games off of Steam, since now more currencies are going to be supported.

11 New Currencies Come to Steam As Valve Increases Outreach

The 11 new currencies coming to Steam is coming at a time when Valve is trying to increase outreach to the gaming community. Steam has been the top PC gaming platform for a long time now, but Valve knows it has to step it up to ensure it stays that way. Some things Valve has done include making the recommendation system on Steam better and also trying to do away with review bombing. Steam Direct also replaced Steam Greenlight in an effort to make better games come to the PC gaming platform. Steam also just came out with digital gift cards, and we talked about that new development about a week ago.

The only issue that could arise from the new currencies on Steam is that every once in a while, there might be issues with the pricing. Sometimes, the pricing can change drastically when you convert from USD to another currency. Even with a couple of issues that could happen, it appears that this is something those that game from all over the world will come to enjoy.

This is more of an improvement on the quality of the Steam platform than anything else. It will not really do a lot to change Steam as a whole, but it will make the process of purchasing games from Steam a lot better for those outside of the United States of America. These 11 new currencies will be coming to Steam on Monday, November 13. If you are excited about the new currencies coming to Steam, let us know in the comments.