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Over 170 Trolling Games Removed From Steam in September

Oct 5, 2018

There were more than 170 trolling games that were removed from Steam during the month of September. The latest numbers are a little shocking considering how Valve was quick to say the company would remove games that were trolling or illegal. Within the past couple months, Valve has removed hundreds of games from Steam that were just trolling.

We told you a while back how Valve said it would take a more hands-off approach on policing the Steam games. The only kinds of games that Valve would remove from the Steam platform were those outright trolling or those that were deemed illegal. We have all of the latest news on Valve removing nearly 180 games from Steam last month, which were mostly due to them trolling.

Almost 180 Games Removed from Steam Due to Trolling

We were pretty surprised to learn that 179 games have been removed from Steam in the past month for being a troll. Valve made a pretty clear statement a few months ago that those games that were outright trolling would be removed from the Steam platform. The company is continuing to purge these types of games from the Steam marketplace. Some of the games that were removed were full title games. Other games were games that were split up into separate episodes.

It was back in June that Valve first made it clear that it would ban developers from the PC gaming platform that were trolling. Trolling can be hard to define and Valve never really cleared up exactly how it would define those games that were outright trolling. The hands-off approach with games on Steam now means nearly anything goes, as long as it is not illegal or straight trolling. Those two types of games would be banned, but everything else would be considered okay on Steam.

Valve Continues to Ban Games Outright Trolling on Steam

Valve did make a post about a month ago that went into a little more detail about trolling and what games might qualify as being a troll. The announcement was made at the same time Valve put out the Adults Only filter, which helps filter out those games with explicit sexual content if you do not want to see them. Valve said that the trolling label happens after a very thorough assessment, and it starts with the developer.

The company looks at the developer and looks at the games the developer has put out in the past. Valve wants to know who the developer is, what the person has done on Steam before, and banking information. How the developer was on Steam as a developer and customer is important too.

The PC gaming company also looks at who the developer associates with. All of these things are used to determine whether or not the developer released a game that is just trolling. Valve wants to know why the developer is looking to sell the game and how the partnership between the developer and Valve will work out.

Some of the Steam Games that Were Banned Due to Trolling

Once Valve makes assessments on the developer, it will then decide whether or not to ban the developer from Steam. If Valve thinks the developer is being a troll, then everything from the developer is removed and they are banned from Steam. The only good news here is that if you have purchased any of the games that were removed from Steam, you can still download and play them. As for the developer in these situations, they no longer will have a working relationship with Valve. We are not surprised too much at some of the game titles that were just banned.

Looking at the games that were banned we see games like “X-Ray Hospital” as well as “Home Alone Girlfriend. Other games that were banned last month include “Make Border Great Again” and “Bitcoin Highway.” All 32 games that were “Achievement Hunter” titles were removed, as well as seven titles that had “hentai” within the title. “Rich Life Simulator VR” and “Love Games” were also part of the most recent purge.

In the comments below, we want to know whether or not you agree with Valve banning developers. Do you think it is good that the company bans games that are considered trolling? Is this a good way to prevent trolling games in the future? What else would you like to see Valve do to clean up the Steam marketplace?