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3G data consumption in the country is boost, Nokia study

Mar 9, 2016

The annual report of Nokia’s MBiT Index study says that the average 3G data consumption has increased per user upto 753 MB in India. The broadband performance has shown exponential growth of 3G data traffic in the year 2015 across the country. With more people using high-end devices it further indicates that this increased adoption of multimedia services and growth in the device ecosystem will lead to a traffic boost with the booming 4G handset market and rolling of 4G LTE networks across the country. According to the reports there was an increment of 50 % in mobile data traffic in 2015 as a result of content ecosystem, mature network and device. For the first time 2G was outpaced by 3D traffic across all circles.Nokia Store, 3G data

3G data consumption in the country is boost, Nokia study

Sandeep Girotra who is the vice president and head of India market of Nokia said in a statement, “We have seen about 85% in 3G data consumption and India is now moving close to global average consumption per person. In India, it has reached to 753MB data per month, while globally, it is in range of 800MB to 1GB.” And Amit Marwah, Nokia’s Head of technology for India said, “Appetite for data consumption is very huge in India. That is evident from the this study,”

With social networking and video making 60 % of data traffic sure the appetite of the subscribers are increasing for multimedia services. At the end of 2015, 3G consumption peaked to 8.2 crore Gigabyte or 82 PB per month. Whereas there was only an increase of 12% in 2G mobile internet usage. Nokia has been managing 2.3 lakh mobile sites of about 28 crore mobile customers in the country carrying traffic. And as per their studies there will an eight-fold boom for 4G services in mobile phone ecosystem. In 2016, 4G is said to set stage for data traffic growth.

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On year-on-year basis the growth of subscriber is said to be 69% and that of 3G devices penetration is 140%. Different services on which most of the data is used are audios and videos service (38-42%), communication services (1-20%), social networking (18-22%) and for other services (20-24%). Users spend almost 40% of total time on internet based applications and 20-25 minutes per day on various messaging apps.