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Top 5 Games Like Clash Royale – Best Alternatives

Sep 12, 2018

Clash Royale is one of the most popular games out there developed by Supercell. Clash Royale is a game that has only been out about one year, but it has become a hit on both iOS and Android. In Clash Royale, you use cards to create battle decks. You have spells, troops, and buildings in the battle decks, all of which you can level up as you go. This is a tower defense game that really is enjoyable if you like strategy and battle.

If you are having a ton of fun playing Clash Royale on your mobile device, you might be wondering what other mobile games are similar to this one. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you five games on Android and iOS that are similar to Clash Royale in terms of gameplay and genre. If you want to try out similar games like Clash Royale, then continue reading to learn more about some of the best similar games you can download onto your mobile device.

Top 5 Games Like Clash Royale

Clash of Clans- The most likely candidate for a game similar to Clash Royale is Clash of Clans, which was also developed by Supercell. It’s a pretty addicting game, silimar to ones from unibet, sidenote if you want a bonus unibet we’ve got you covered. This is a really fun game because it is a strategy game and MMO game where you have to raise your own army. You have to defeat your enemies just like you do in Clash Royale, with them getting harder and more complex as you go along. If you like Clash Royale then you will love Clash of Clans due to the skills and strategies needed to conquer the world, and it is also a great battle game that has similar gameplay and style. You can find Clash of Clans on both iOS and Android right now.

Cards and Castles- Cards and Castles have a multiplayer battle arena just like Clash Royale. You need to battle players in order to defeat the enemies and you have five different factions in this game. You also have various combination decks in the cards. If you like Clash Royale you will love Cards and Castles because this game is almost identical in terms of gameplay and style. Not to mention that the genre is the same and you virtually have to do the same things in Cards and Castles that you do in Clash Royale. You can find this game on both iOS and Android and you have cross-platform playing abilities which are really cool.

Pocket Fort– We cannot about games like Clash Royale without talking about Pocket Ford, which is a really good game for iOS and Android that follows the same style as Clash Royale. In Pocket Ford, you are an armed forces officer and you have to battle various players to become the hero. You have various prizes that you can win in the single player mode, and you will need to defend your area if you are playing in multiplayer mode to win the battles and prizes. This game is very similar to Clash Royale in terms of gameplay, genre, and style. This is a tower shield game that will require you to use strategy and skill in order to advance. The good thing about this game is that anyone of any age can play, so you do not have to be that skilled in tower defense games to really get good in this game.

X-War Clash of Zombies– If you want to play a game on iOS or Android that is similar to Clash Royale, then you need to also check out X-War: Clash of Zombies. This is a strategy game that offers so much in terms of gameplay and abilities. There are a lot of options with methodologies which is really cool and different. You will find that X-War: Clash of Zombies offers a lot of different types of warfare and combat, and also requires you to use many different skills and techniques. If you love Clash Royale but want something a little different in terms of the genre, then X-War: Clash of Zombies is definitely a great game to check out. You will find that this game combines everything you love about Clash Royale and then adds more in-depth skills and combat so that you do not feel like you are just playing the same game over and over.

Battle Command– Lastly, you should check out Battle Command if you are looking for a game similar to Clash Royale. This is a free game on both iOS and Android and it is developed by Space Time Games. This is a strategy game that requires military skill and strategy, so you will find that the gameplay and features are very similar to Clash Royale. You will need to battle and win the enemy fights to move on in the game, and you will love how there are various characters and abilities in this game. If you love strategy games like Clash Royale then you will love Battle Command, although this game might be a little more in-depth for some players as opposed to Clash Royale.

These are the top five games that are like Clash Royale that you can find on both iOS and Android. All of these games will offer you the strategy and combat elements you love in Clash Royale, and they all have something unique about them as well that sets them apart. Whether you love the tower defense aspect or the card battle aspect, all of these games will give you the same enjoyment as Clash Royale.

  • Jdawg Laurence

    What people are really wondering is what game is like clash royale but not pay to win. We all know supercell is extremely greedy, and real gamers want a game where you progress with skill and strategy rather than by opening your wallet.