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Games Like Inside – Top 5 in 2018

Mar 24, 2017

Inside is one of the best side scrolling games out there right now. In fact, this game is so popular that many games like Inside are popping up all over the place. Inside is a dark puzzle platform game that is in 2.5D. Inside features guards, creatures, vehicles, and even people that look and act like Zombies.

You play as a boy that has a red shirt on during Inside, and you make your way into a dark forest. In this game you can run, walk, swim, and climb. Inside also allows you to take over bodies of the zombies, and you have to do this in order to get through some of the puzzles. There are glowing orbs in this game inside hidden rooms, which will offer you insight into the alternate ending of this game. You have a huge story in Inside and various maps that you have to try to survive getting through.

This dark puzzle side scrolling game is a lot of fun, but we know you might be looking for other games that are similar to Inside. If you have already played Inside and are looking for games like Inside, then continue reading to learn about the top 5 similar games.

Top 5 Games like Inside You Should Check Out

Limbo– When it comes to games like Inside, one of the most similar games out there on the market is Limbo. Limbo is a very similar side scrolling game like Inside. When you look at Limbo, you can tell this is a dark game just like Inside. If you like the darker games, then you will love this game. There are a lot of puzzles in Limbo that require you to have strategy and reflexes, which is also how it is similar to Inside. The visual aspects of this game and the design of this game are pretty amazing.

This whole game is about you taking the role of a little boy who is trying to find his sister, and she is lost. You have to go through some dark and nasty woods in order to try to find her. This is a very dark side scrolling game, but if you loved that aspect of Inside you will love Limbo.

Deadlight– Deadlight is also one of the most popular games like Inside out there. This is a game that takes place in Seattle, WA, in the late 1980s. The entire town of Seattle is infested with zombies, and there is quite a storyline in Deadlight. Deadlight though is a dark game, just like Inside, and the plot has many twists and turns in it. Deadlight has the same atmosphere as Inside, so if you like that dark dreary look you will love Deadlight. The difference is that it seems more like a comic book and it has more of a different landscape associated with it.

This is an action puzzle game, and you will love the puzzles that you have to solve in this game because they are very fun and get your brain going. Deadlight does have a couple quirks, like sometimes the animations will go haywire, but other than a few issues with animations, this is one of the best side scrolling games like Inside available.

The Swapper– If we are talking about side scrolling games like Inside then we have to talk about The Swapper. This is also a game that is very similar to Inside in terms of the darkness of it. You essentially are going to a desert planet as part of a space crew. Your entire goal is to get resources from this planet, so there is quite a bit of science fiction involved in this game. There is some mind control gameplay aspects of The Swapper that will remind you of Inside. This game is very well done in terms of art and graphics, but it is also more difficult than Inside. You will love this side scrolling game if you are a fan of the more fantasy science type of genre.

Fez– Speaking of fun games, Fez is one of the best games like Inside that is available right now. This is a 2D puzzle platform game that really focuses on the platform aspect. Basically, you are a 2D creature that stumbles upon something that will allow him to see the third dimension. In this game, things are distorted and you have strange powers. You can control the movements of Gomez, the character you play, and you have to solve puzzles. The biggest puzzle in this game is putting a 32-piece Hexahedron back together to save the world.

Each puzzle piece will unlock new and strange worlds in the game. You are able to rotate the game world, which sets Fez apart from other puzzle platform games out there. You can even get to the edges since this is a 2D game. Fez is a more lighthearted puzzle game than Inside, but if you loved the challenges and puzzles in that game you will love the quirkiness of Fez.

Typoman–  Lastly, on our list of games like Inside is the game Typoman. This game is more of a word game put into a puzzle format. You have to essentially begin the game as the letter O and then you can take on a human shape from combining other letters. You have to do various mechanics in this game like move the letters to spell out words, swing on ropes, and craft words in order to do something, such as move or turn. You will get the hang of the game pretty quickly, although it is a little different than Inside and other games on this list so it might take a few minutes to realize how it all works.

In this game, there is an increased level of difficulty as you progress, and the words get more complex. You will love the platform, puzzle, and word elements of this game which all combine into one interesting adventure. There is a lot of words in this game so if words are not your thing, then this might not be the best game for you. This game is similar to Inside in terms of the style and overall game design, but the concept is a little different. If you are looking for something different yet still really interesting, then Typoman might be the best title for you to check out.