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5 Games Like My Talking Tom – 2018 Update

Mar 24, 2017

My Talking Tom is a 2D virtual pet game that is available for Android and iOS. This game is so successful that many games like My Talking Tom have been made since this game was released. This is a very lighthearted, funny, interactive, and family-friendly game that has you taking care of a pet cat called Tom. You start this game by adopting a cute baby kitten and it is your job to take care of this cute little kitten. You can play with the kitten, feed the baby kitten, and nurture your baby kitten.

My Talking Tom is one of the best interactive virtual pet games out there, which is enjoyable for children and adults, but you can only play this game for so long. You might be wondering what other games like My Talking Tom are out there and available to you to play. Whether you are looking for a new interactive game for yourself or for your child, continue reading to learn about the top five games like My Talking Tom.

Games Like My Talking Tom in 2018

Talking Tom & Ben News– Talking Tom & Ben News is one of the best games like My Talking Tom that is available right now. This game is available for free on both iOS and Android. This game features Tom the cat and Ben the dog. You will be able to interact with this game because you can talk and then Tom and Ben will repeat what you say. You can swipe your screen and see Tom and Ben fall of their chairs, which is pretty funny. They will also interact with one another, which is pretty cool.

You can upload videos and photos in this app for some neat entertainment as well, and you can record your own news stories in this game as well. You can even share the news videos that you create in the app through social media like Twitter or Facebook. If you love the interactive and simulation available in My Talking Tom, you will love Talking Tom & Ben News because it is similar and features Tom from My Talking Tom.

My Talking Angela– My Talking Angela is another one of the games like My Talking Tom that is available for iOS and Android devices for free. This game has been downloaded over 165 million times and this is another virtual pet simulation game. You can customize the fashion and hair of Angela, and you can end up making Angela your unique superstar. You can go shopping for Angela for some new clothes, and you can brush her hair and teeth as well.

You can feed Angela, sing to her and even give Angela some treats. That is not all either; you can also play some cool mini games with Angela in My Talking Angela as well. Angela will repeat everything you say to her, so you will be able to play with her and interact with her for hours without getting bored.

Talking Ben the Dog– Talking Ben the Dog is one of the best alternative games like My Talking Tom available. This game is available on iOS and Android and is free to download. Basically, Ben is a chemistry professor that is retired, and you have to make Ben responsive by talking to him and pestering him. You can get him to put down his newspaper by talking to him and tickling him. This is a great interactive simulation game just like My Talking Tom, and you will love just how fun it is to bother Ben the talking dog. You can make Ben drink, eat, burp, and even play so it is a very interactive and pretty fun game for children and adults of all ages.

Since Ben is a retired chemistry professor, you can even take Ben into the laboratory area and you can mix some test tubes together and create some cool chemistry mixtures. Ben really loves to play and get involved in the chemistry and social aspects of life, so do not let how he looks in the beginning of the game deter you.

Baby Twins: Terrible Two– Baby Twins- Terrible Two is one of the best games like My Talking Tom. This game is available right now for free on both iOS and Android. This game is a simulation game and virtual reality game where you have to take care of a couple twin babies. In this interactive game, you can tuck your twins into bed, feed your twins, and also play with your twins. This is a family casual game that is cute and funny just like My Talking Tom. If you love My Talking Tom because it is interactive and really lighthearted in nature, then you will love Baby Twins- Terrible Two.

Disney Enchanted Tales– Disney Enchanted Tales is a simulation game that is available for both iOS and Android. In this game, you get to experience Disney fairy tales and bring them to life in a whole new way. There are characters from Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, Frozen, and Rapunzel on this game. Disney Enchanted Tales offers both social media aspects and also the ability to purchase items through the in-app purchase options.

You will love to play as some of your favorite Disney characters like Belle, Anna, and Oaken. This is an interactive and family-friendly game like My Talking Tom. You will love that you get to build your own magical kingdom through this iOS and Android game, and you will get lost in the stories and incredible moments.