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Top 5 Games Like Pokemon Go – Best in 2018

Mar 1, 2017

One of the biggest games of the past year on both iOS and Android has been Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go was developed by Niantic Inc. Pokemon Go is what is known as an Augmented Reality game, which means you use the real world to participate in the game. When it comes to Pokemon Go, you walk around the real world to catch various Pokemons.

While Pokemon Go might be one of the most well known Augmented Reality games out there, a lot of other games have this similar vibe and go off this same genre. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you about five games that are similar to Pokemon Go. Maybe you have caught all of the Pokemon already or you just want to try out a new game. Either way, there are a ton of similar games out there that you can try and that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours as well.

5 Top Games Similar to Pokemon Go

Temple Treasure Hunt Game– Temple Treasure Hunt Game is a great augmented reality game like Pokemon Go. Not only is the genre similar but in this game you have to find treasures in the game that you use real life maps to find. This game uses Google Maps to get you close to the treasures, and then it goes into augmented reality so that you can nabbed the gold, gems, and other items in the game. Temple Treasure Hunt Game is very similar to Pokemon go and if you are a fan of Pokemon Go you will love this game. Not to mention, you have real AR cards that you can print out in this game, and then you can use these with other players to point them towards the treasure. The AR cards are something unique to this game, and it makes it one of the best games out there for iOS and Android.

Ingress– Ingress is another game that is similar to Pokemon Go, and it is also developed by Niantic Inc. In this game, you use your GPS location just like you do in Pokemon Go. You need to travel to real world destinations in order to hack into various in-game portals. You have to use these portals on your side to help you defeat the enemy. In terms of augmented reality games, this was the first one from Niantic, and the similarities in terms of gameplay and mechanisms between this and Pokemon Go are pretty close. The differences in Ingress will be quite obvious though once you begin playing, so if you are looking for a little bit different of an augmented reality then this is the best choice to download on your mobile device.

Life Is Crime– Life is Crime is also a game similar to Pokemon Go, but it is more of a real-life game based on criminals and villains. In this game, you can chat with people and fight off other gangs to win new territories. You will be able to get rewards by completing various activities, and you want to build up your street credentials in order to gain more turf. Life is Crime is similar to Pokemon Go because you use real places to commit these fake crimes, but it also is more complex and serious. If you are very active and go out in the real world, you become a bigger and tougher guy in the game. This game is very fun but you will notice that unlike Pokemon Go, you need more players in order to make this game even more entertaining. This game is available now on both iOS and Android and it will make you feel like a complete gangster.

Resources Game– While we are talking about similar games to Pokemon Go that you might enjoy, we had to include Resources Game. In terms of how it is similar with Pokemon Go, it is also a game that uses your GPS location to allow you to go out into the real world and visit the virtual oil rigs. From there, you have to claim natural resources and build up oil refineries, all while venturing outside of your house and walking around.

You then will have to try to sell off all of your goods to become a huge oil person, much like the oil companies we see now. This game involves a lot more strategy and is more serious than Pokemon Go, and there is an economic system that is a bit different than Pokemon Go. Either way, this augmented reality game will leave you wanting to be that rich oil owner you have always dreamed of being.

Landlord Real Estate Tycoon– Lastly, we thought we would tell you about Landlord Real Estate Tycoon. This game is also similar to Pokemon Go because you have to use your GPS location to get into the virtual real estate markets. You will be able to purchase popular locations and then get people to visit these locations. Keep in mind, buying virtual properties will require upkeep, so it is a more detailed and complex game than Pokemon Go.

You use your real world location and locations near you to find these real estate locations in the game, so there are a lot of similarities in terms of gameplay and style to Pokemon Go. The trading and economic system in this game is pretty detailed, and it might cost a lot of real in-game money to get all of the properties you want. Overall though, this is a great augmented game that allows you to become the best and most rich real estate agent anywhere. Remember though, sometimes it is better to cut your losses on properties than try to upkeep them if people are not visiting. This game is available on both iOS and Android and will provide you with hours of fun just like Pokemon Go.

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