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$50 Android Tablet Coming From Barnes & Noble

Nov 18, 2016

Good news if you are looking for a nice Android tablet this Black Friday 2016 shopping season. It was just announced that bookstore Barnes & Noble is going to be coming out with a Nook Android tablet that will only cost you $50. If you are interested in this new Android tablet about to hit the market, continue reading to learn more about this exciting new item.

Barnes & Noble’s Android Tablet Comes With Full Google Play

The real news here is not that this tablet will only cost $50, but that it will include the entire Google Play apps and catalog. This is better than the Amazon Fire which can only run certain apps that Amazon finds to be appropriate for the Kindle Fire. Barnes & Noble’s tablet will be a Nook Android tablet and will come preinstalled with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The $50 price tag is comparable though to the Kindle Fire in one way, which is the vanilla specifications are similar to the $50 Kindle Fire Amazon has right now.


One thing that stands out when it comes to the Barnes & Noble $50 tablet is that unlike some other tablets that cost $50, you will get support and service from Barnes & Noble. Beyond the stores like Amazon, it is hard to find a cheap Android tablet where you can get customer support and help if you have issues with your tablet. This actually makes the Barnes & Noble tablet possibly better than Amazon since Amazon does not really have physical stores where you can go in and get help if you can’t figure something out. Although to be fair, Amazon has really good return policies if you get a defective product.

The main thing to think about is in-person support, which Barnes & Noble will be able to provide with their $50 Nook Android tablet, and that might be good for people just wanting to venture into the tablet world. Not to mention running Android 6.0 Marshmallow with the full Google Play Store and capabilities, that is definitely a leg-up on the competitors like Amazon and cheap third-party Android tablets out there. The Barnes & Noble tablet is expected to be shipping out on Black Friday, but whether it can stand up to competition will have to be seen.