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Over 6,000 Games Released on Steam So Far

Nov 12, 2017

We have some pretty cool news coming from Steam as new numbers show that more than 6,000 games have been released on Steam so far this year. That is coming from the Niko Partners report, in which Danial Ahmad, just analyzed all of the data. Considering that more than 6,000 games released on Steam this year is more than any other year for the platform, that is pretty amazing news.

Games Released on Steam Already Over 6,000 for 2018

More than 6,000 games released on Steam in 2018 is a huge deal. In 2016, about 4,500 games were released on Steam. It is really interesting when you look further back at the data. Between 2005 and 2015, the number for 2018 is nearly as much as all 10 of those years combined. That is a huge increase from year-to-year, especially between 2016 and 2017. You might be wondering what is making the amount of games released on the platform increase so much.

One of the things that could be related to the increase of games has to do with Steam Direct. Steam Direct launched back in June. Steam Direct allowed for more releases to come out of Steam. Even beter is that it only costs about $100 to get your game on Steam. You do not have to go through all of the normal approval processes using Steam Direct. That is most likely why the games released on Steam could be increasing. Steam Greenlight, which is what Steam Direct replaced, had more stringent rules in place. The rules were much tighter for getting your game onto the Steam platform. Since Steam Direct basically only requires you pay $100 to get your game on Steam, it is making for many more developers and publishers choosing to go with Steam.

Games Released on Steam Tops All Other Years

Another reason why the games released on Steam in 2018 has increased so much could be due to the simpler process of making games. Even if you have no experience at all with development of games, you can make a game easily with all of the engines out there available. Previously, developing a game used to be a very complicated process, which would reduce the number of games released on platforms like Steam. Much like everything else these days, the process to develop a game or app is getting a lot easier, even for beginners.

There is a downside to all of these games released on Steam in 2018, which has to do with quality. Since nearly anyone can make a game and get it onto Steam now, many people are complaining. The issue is that the Steam Direct process is lowering the bar too much. A lot of games on Steam are not that good. You can tell those who have no previous experience with game development. Games are also a lot less unique and often times use themes from other games. If you have been on Steam for a while, you likely have a sense of how to avoid the bad games. It is not hard once you play around on there for a bit to figure out how to tell the good games from the bad games.

Even if you can avoid these bad games, a lot of other people might not know the difference. While Valve has been working to clean up Steam and get rid of these bad games, it seems as Valve gets rid of some of them more of them will pop up. We are not sure what the best answer is here. Sometimes quality should be more important than quantity. Other times, quantity is needed to get more people involved in the platform. How do you feel about the quality of games on Steam? Are you worried Steam Direct is making the process too easy for lackluster games and bad game developers?

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