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Over 800 Million Active Users Now on Instagram

Sep 25, 2017

We have some cool news about Instagram as the company just released information about the number of active users that the social app gets per month. Instagram is one of the biggest social media apps on both iOS and Android as well as on the web. We have all of the latest details about how many active users Instagram is now seeing per month and more details from the company.

Instagram Seeing 800 Million Monthly Active Users

Instagram is one of the biggest social apps out there on smartphones. It appears that more people are interested in hopping onto Instagram because the newest monthly active user information shows a pretty big fan base. Instagram said that the company is seeing over 800 million users per month actively using the site. In April, Instagram had said that there were over 700 million active users on social platform. If you were not aware, Instagram is owned by Facebook and it just recently launched what is called the Stories feature.

It appears that Instagram launching the Stories feature has paid off. In just the five months since Stories launched, there are more than 100 million more active users on the site. Stories is continuing to grow and become a popular feature among the user base. When you look at the numbers and break it down, out of the 800 million there are 500 million active on a daily basis.

This is about 200 million more since Instagram Stories first launched. The base itself is more than double from the March numbers, including many more advertisers as well. The advertising part of Instagram is now at more than 2 million. The videos are a huge part of Instagram, especially when it comes to the advertisers. The Instagram Stories are a huge portion and reason why the videos have been helpful.

Instagram Stories Boosts Monthly Active Users

The Instagram Stories has helped boost both active users and the advertisers. There are also a lot more videos being produced by people who use Instagram as a whole. Looking at the past year, watching videos has increased over 80 percent in terms of time spent actually watching the videos. In terms of Instagram, adding Stories and adding more features has helped boost the active users and has gotten more people interested in the social app.

While there is still a lot of room until Instagram reaches 1 billion users, it could end up happening within the next several months. Only a couple of social apps and platforms have reached that amount. As you might guess, Facebook is one of the two. The other social app to reach 1 billion users is WhatsApp. The estimate is that Instagram will reach the 1 billion mark within the second half of 2018.

A lot of people think that 1 billion will come sooner than that though, like within the next six-months. Once that happens, Facebook will have a huge one-up on other social companies since Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same person. Snapchat is having issues with Instagram growing like it is.

While Instagram has ended up with millions more in terms of active users, Snapchat has only grown by about 30 million. That means that Facebook and the Facebook-owned Instagram are really weighing on Snapchat. Snapchat has managed to stay relatively the same with the active users, while Instagram is continuing to get better and better. This also means that as more people use Instagram, it could cause Snapchat to end up in a negative when comparing Snapchat and Instagram.