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New Xbox App Update for iOS Allows for Streaming Xbox One Games

Sep 29, 2020

We’ve learned Microsoft is going to release a huge iOS app update for the Xbox app. In this new version of the Xbox app, you’re going to be able to stream all of the Xbox One games right on your iPhone. This app update isn’t available quite yet but it should be released very soon.

As you might remember, an Android update was released not too long ago. The new iOS app update will make the app similar to the Android version, including in both design and overall features. Keep reading to learn more about the Xbox app update for iOS and what it’s going to allow you to do right from your iPhone.

Ability to Stream Xbox One Games Soon Coming to Xbox App on iOS

We’re happy to report that the ability to stream Xbox One games is going to soon be coming to the Xbox app on iOS. This is going to allow you to stream and play Xbox One games on your iPhone without any hassle. The feature is remote play, which will be the feature you will use to stream those games to your iOS device.

You might think that the xCloud service and remote play are the same things, but you’d be wrong on assuming that. The xCloud service allows you to stream the Xbox games right from the server and not from your Xbox One console itself. With remote play, you’ll be connecting to your own console and not to the xCloud service or the servers.

If you’ve heard of the remote play feature on PlayStation 4, then you can get an idea of what this is all about. Sony has already made the remote play possible with both iOS and Android, so Microsoft is a little behind on making this feature widely available on both mobile platforms.

How the New Xbox App Works to Stream Xbox One Games to Your iPhone

There will be a few different ways that you can actually stream the games from your console to your iOS device. You will be able to stream over Wi-Fi and also through a 5G or LTE connection. What this app does is it actually will take complete control of your Xbox One console.

This allows you to actually start up your console even if you’re not inside your home at the time. When you start the Xbox, you will not hear any sounds or see the light on the front of the Xbox. Once it’s time to disconnect the remote feature, your console will go back into standby mode.

With this new app for your iPhone, you’ll be able to share screenshots and game clips that were captured using your Xbox One console. You’ll have the ability to delete games from the console as well as manage the space on your console. Downloading game clips and screenshots is also possible with the new app for Xbox.

Not only that, but you’re going to notice that this new iOS Xbox app is a lot quicker than the old version. That is because it’s been overhauled completely to make it even better in terms of performance. Microsoft has redesigned this Xbox app for iOS ahead of the new Xbox console release in November. In November, the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles will be released, so Microsoft is trying to enhance the app before that launch happens. You’ll even notice design changes have also happened to the Xbox dashboard.

Will You Check Out the New Xbox App for iOS?

Some of you might already be using the new Xbox app for iOS since it’s available right now in TestFlight. TestFlight is the program that allows people to test out apps in beta form, so there are people already trying the new features and streaming abilities. The app should be out of TestFlight very soon, which means that’s when it will be released for everyone. We want to know in the comments below if you’re going to download the new app when it’s officially released.

Have you already had a chance to try the app in TestFlight? If so, we want to know what you liked and disliked about the remote play feature. Do you think that remote play is going to entice more people to download the Xbox app for iOS? What features and design changes have you enjoyed with this new version of the app? If you’re not in the TestFlight program, we want to know whether or not you’ll be checking out the app once it’s released in the coming weeks.