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Accelerated Mobile Pages Come to Android

Jul 15, 2017

If you have an Android device, you might want to learn about the new Accelerated Mobile Pages. The Accelerated Mobile Pages are now appearing on the Google Feed, which has been something that people have wanted for a while now.

We have all of the latest information about the Accelerated Mobile Pages and how this will appear on Android. Whether you already have the Google app on your Android device or you are looking to download it, the new information about the Accelerated Mobile Pages is something that you should know about.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Live on Android as Now Cards

The biggest piece of information about the Accelerated Mobile Pages is that it is going to show up on Android devices as Now cards. You might know of Now cards since these are part of the Google Feed. The Google Feed is the place to go if you are looking for articles and news-related stories. The Accelerated Mobile Pages have been part of the search results in both the Google app and regular web version of Google. The Google Feed though previously has not had Accelerated Mobile Pages available.

If you are on Android and look at the Google Feed, you will need to look for the lightning bolt. This icon in the form of a lightning bolt is how you know which articles are Accelerated Mobile Pages. You might also see Accelerated Mobile Pages shortened to AMP, and you just need to click the icon in order to see the stories.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages lightning bolt icon will show up near the publish time of the article and it appears by the website name. The good thing about the icon is that you will clearly see it, as it is luminated well and the icon is big enough to see even on the smaller Android devices.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Details

After you click on the Now card, it will bring up a quick loading article, which is nothing more than a basic stripped version of the story. Stripping down the article is why it allows for quicker loading times than a traditional article would. For people on Android, these Accelerated Mobile Pages are better since they use less data due to the quicker loading time.

It also saves you time because you get the information you want right from your Now cards. This is great news because you do not have to worry about it taking forever to load the page. For people who are working on data, this is really good  news since the longer it takes a page to load, the more data it uses in the process.

There is a difference between the Accelerated Mobile Pages that appear on Android and the ones that appear in regular search results. For one thing, you do not have the carousel there that allows you to go in between articles and switch back and forth. Instead, you will notice that these AMP stories will show up in a Google Chrome tab. There will be a status bar and white action section.

You will notice though, that the overflow menu is there on Android still. This is great because this means you have access to all of the Google Chrome controls you are used to. You will also be able to send someone the complete URL instead of the shortened AMP version. If you would like to share this on a social media site or through text, the longer version will come in handy.

If you have Custom Tabs disabled on your Android Google Chrome, the cool thing is that the new AMP feature still can be launched. It will launch still in Chrome and you will have the action bar that allows you to get the entire URL so that you can copy it or share it with friends and family. There are a lot of Android devices that are already seeing the Accelerated Mobile Pages update, so this is likely something that has rolled out within the past day or two.

You will need to refresh your Google Feed in order to see the new AMP rollout on the Now cards. If you have version 7.6 of the Google app or the beta version 7.7, you will be seeing the Accelerated Mobile Pages on your Android device.