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Acer Aspire one Cloudbook 11 Laptop Review

Jun 24, 2016

Acer Aspire one Cloudbook 11 Laptop Review: Today, low-cost compact laptops are running Windows 10 and they are steadily gaining ground as they tend to offer quite a good balance of portability and the basic computing power. These laptops pack in the bare essentials to run on Windows but unlike chrome OS, you will get more offline flexibility and the productivity which Google’s OS currently lacks.Acer Aspire one Cloudbook 11 Design

So today, we will be testing Acer’s version laptop called the Aspire One Cloudbook 11 (AOI-131-C5Y5). So let’s take a look in depth.

Look and Feel

The Acer Cloudbook 11 does not have the most eye-catching of designs and this makes it rather dull in our opinion. The plastic body feels fairly durable and it is put together well. For carrying it around the dotted texture on the outer body lends it some level of grip. The outer body is prone to light scuffs and easily picks up fingerprint from the everyday usage.

The laptop is easily portable at it weighs just 1.15 Kg and measures 17.9 mm when closed. The charger is equally compact and the lid has a small degree of flex but it offers a good protection for the display. The 11.6-inch HD panel produces brightness levels and good colours. The display of matte-finished helps to minimize reflections but the vertical viewing angles are poor.Acer Aspire one Cloudbook 11 First Impression

In terms of the connectivity you will get an HDMI output, a headphone and microphone, an SD card slot, one USB 2.0 port and USB 3.0 port. The trackpad is generously wide and it works very well. The mouse buttons are responsive.

On the other hand, the chiclet keyboard feels a bit cramped. The keys are spaced well and the size is also a bit smaller. On the either side of the keyboard there is a bit of wasted space that could have been put to the better use.

Specifications and software

The Acer Cloudbook 11 is powered by the Intel Celeron N3050 SoC, that is based on 14nm Brasewell platform. This dual-core CPU is running at the 1.6GHz with the ability to turbo up to 2.1GHz. It also features Intel HD Graphics, a TDP of just 6W and 64-bit support, so you will not need active cooling. You will get 32GB of flash storage, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, a VGA webcam, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi.Acer Aspire one Cloudbook 11 Laptop Review

So being a cloud-first device, Acer is bundling a one year of subscription of Office 365 that includes 1TB of the cloud storage.


Under the hood, performance is not what we would call it snappy. The laptop handles the multitasking that is fairly well but there is always a slight delay before the actions are performed, whether it is simply opening Window Explorer or firing up the browser. And thanks to its passive cooling, that the laptop runs silently and it only gets a little warm while charging.Acer Aspire one Cloudbook 11 Ports

You can use an SD card, if you need additional offline storage for storing all your media files. But this is not the ideal as the standard-sized cards will stick out from Cloudbook’s body and it also do not click securely into place.

When it comes to multimedia playback the Cloudbook can hold its own and the volume levels of speakers is decently loud although audio sounds a hollow and bit tinny. At accelerating playback of HD and 4K videos the onboard GPU does a decent job so you can have something playing in the background while performing some other tasks.

Battery Life

The built-in 2-cell easily manages 4 hours and 44 minutes in the Battery Eater Pro and we managed to 8 around 8 hours of uptime with the mix web of Web surfing and watching videos.


The official price of Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 11 is of Rs. 20,999 but you can find it for Rs. 14,990 on online stores. So it will be the good option as it is lightweight, has a good trackpad, handles 4K video playback, relatively well built and you will also get free cloud storage but for the limited time. Do remember that local storage is very limited so you cannot treat this like the any other laptop.Acer Aspire one Cloudbook 11 Review

Price (MRP): Rs. 20,999


  • Good battery life
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Handles 4K video playback
  • Runs cool and quiet


  • Keyboard feels cramped
  • Sluggish performance
  • Display has poor viewing angles
  • Boring aesthetics

Ratings (Out of 5)

  • Display: 3
  • Performance: 2.5
  • Design: 3
  • Value for money: 3.5
  • Software: 3.5
  • Overall: 3