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All Acram Digital Games Removed from Steam

May 14, 2018

If you have a Steam account, you might want to know that all of the Acram Digital games have been removed from Steam this past week. This comes as a staffer was manipulating the reviews, and there were multiple reports of this behavior going on. Valve looked into the issues and found that there was a certain staffer from Acram Digital that was engaging in review manipulation. Read on to learn more about Acram Digital and all of the games removed from Steam.

Acram Digital Games Have Been Removed from Steam

The worst part about this news is that all of the Acram Digital games that were on Steam have been removed. This includes the downloadable content for the games and the games themselves. Valve decided to remove all of the Acram Digital games from Steam after getting multiple reports of manipulation of the reviews. Valve then went on and investigated the issue and did find that one staffer was going rogue.

The staffer was Grzegorz Kubas, and he was basically manipulating the digital board game reviews to make them higher than what they should be. This staffer was caught doing this for the Eight-Minute Empire game and the Rails to Riches game. Subsequently, all of the games then were removed from Steam.

It was found that the reviews for these games were manipulated. That is always how it works out, even though not all games were manipulated. Once it has been found one or more game reviews were manipulated, the entire catalog of games and downloadable content are removed.

Valve Finds Acram Digital Staffer was Manipulating Game Reviews

Obviously, review manipulation and inflating the reviews are seen as huge deal-breakers for Valve. Any company or person found to be in violation of the rules is automatically removed from the Steam storefront. Valve takes these issues very seriously and does not like when someone is trying to game the system. Since that has taken place, Valve said all downloadable content and games have been removed, and the company no longer will do business with this person.

The only good thing here is that if you have an Acram Digital game on Steam, you can still play the game. You will be able to continue to play these games as normal, so it is not like you are out any money if you purchased an Acram Digital game from Steam. The staffer in question did go to Reddit and ended up apologizing for what he had done, saying it was frustration that led to this error in judgment. He went onto say that some people had left unfair reviews and he just was frustrated with that situation, and he took personal responsibility for the manipulated reviews.

Acram Digital Staffer Tries to Explain Error of His Ways

This particular staffer also said this was not a company issue or problem, that it was on him alone and not the developers. In the same Reddit posting, he added that the reviews from Amazon, Apple’s App Store, and Google Play Store were all real.

He also added that the company, Acram Digital, never paid for positive reviews or anything like that. Even he admitted that how he went about the review manipulation was amateur. He did everything using the same payment methods, the same IP address, and even the same computer. So clearly, he was not really trying to hide who he was since the only thing he did was use fake accounts.

Acram Digital Not Only Developer to Be Removed from Steam Lately

This is not the first time things like this have happened and likely will not be the last. Steam has had many issues when it comes to the developers or a staffer going in and trying to manipulate the reviews for games. The reviews are important because it gives the community a feel for the game, although sometimes the negative reviews are really not fair, just as the staffer claimed. People can write negative reviews for issues that are outside of the control of the developers or other non-important issues. You probably have seen the same bad reviews on Amazon that have nothing to do with the product in question.

If you have been playing games on Steam, we want to hear from you on this latest news. Do you think that the reviews are manipulated more often than not for games? Is Steam and Valve going far enough to weed out these inflated reviews? What all do you think would help a gamer when they are trying to figure out whether the reviews are real or fake? Lastly, do you even pay attention to the written reviews on Steam or elsewhere? Let us know how you feel in the comments below.