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Action Launcher Allows Older Android Devices to Get Android O Features

Sep 17, 2017

Good news that we have learned about today is that Action Launcher has released an update. This new Action Launcher update will allow for older devices to also gain some features that is found in Android Oreo. A lot of older devices will not be supported by Android Oreo, which means most Android users think that they will be left out of the fun. Not so fast, as Action Launcher is bringing some of the best features found in Android Oreo to these older Android devices. Read on to learn more about the Action Launcher update, and how it will impact those with older Android smartphones.

Action Launcher Bringing Android O Features to Older Devices

The really good news here is that those with older Android devices are not going to be left out with the upcoming release of Android Oreo. A lot of people with older Android devices will not get the Android Oreo, which is Android 8.0, operating system update. Fear not though, with the new Action Launcher update, you too will be able to get some of the best features of Android Oreo. There are quite a few noticeable features coming to Android Oreo, so you might want to check it out.

If you have not heard about Action Launcher previously, it is an app that allows you to customize the Home screen of your Android device. When it comes to the upcoming Android Oreo release, there are quite a few new features you might want to have. Some of these features on Android Oreo that you might enjoy include adaptive icons and notification dots. Beyond that, redesigned and new app shortcuts are also coming with Android Oreo. These are a few of the features in Android Oreo that a lot of people with older devices would love to have.

Action Launcher Brings Android O to Old Smartphones

While you will not get all of the features of Android Oreo with the new Action Launcher update, you will get a lot of the most talked about features. You will get the new app shortcuts, adaptive icons, and notification dots on your Android device by downloading the new Action Launcher update. As it stands, Android Oreo will not work on the older Android devices. Since Android Oreo is a much more comprehensive operating system update, those older devices will not be able to handle Android Oreo. That is why Android Oreo is only going to be supported on the newer Android devices.

When it comes to Action Launcher, the new update will bring some of the best features of Android Oreo to those with older devices. The new Action Launcher update will work on Android devices going all the way back to 2014. That means if you are running Android Lollipop or above, you will be able to get the app update and those new Android Oreo features. The only bad thing about it is that it might slow down some devices if they are on the older end of supported devices for Action Launcher.

Action Launcher Update Gives Old Android Devices New Life

Even if you have an older Android device, you will love being able to use some of the best features of Android Oreo with the Action Launcher app update. A lot of what you will find in the new Action Launcher app update mimic the new operating system Android Oreo. You will see the notification dots when you have a pending notification.

You will be able to then hold down the icon of the app and see what all of those notifications are. You will find the new app shortcuts in the Action Launcher update too. The icons are more rounded, which is different than what you see in other Android operating systems. While the app shortcuts are not a huge change in the upcoming Android Oreo, it does look a lot nicer on your screen.

As we stated a little bit ago, the downside is really that it could slow down your Android device a little. Anytime you add an app that has these new Android Oreo features, you risk slowing the older Android smartphone down some. That is likely why Android Oreo is not supported in these older devices, since they just cannot handle the higher-power graphics and all of that. Even if the new Action Launcher app update slows down your older Android device, it will not be that noticeable.

How You Can Get the Action Launcher Update

With the Action Launcher app update, you will also be able to get the adaptive icons to work properly. This means you can choose which type of icon you want, just like if you were using Android Oreo. You can choose rounded square, square, circle, teardrop, and much more. There are some changes to the Home screen you will have access to as well. Some other changes you will get include the color scheme options, and changes to folders and the shortcuts.

You can get the new Action Launcher update right now on Google Play Store. It is free to download, including a lot of the basic customization options which are also free. If you would like to get the new Android Oreo features, it will cost you though. It will be $4.99 if you want the notification dots and other options. You can buy the companion app, which is the Adaptive Pack, and this will cost you $4.99. The Adaptive Pack will give you more of the Android Oreo features, such as the ability to change icons and all of that.