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ActionDash App Allows You to See Digital Wellbeing Data on Any Android

Jan 22, 2019

There is a new app called ActionDash, which was released by the same developer known for putting out Action Launcher on Android. This new ActionDash app is going to give you the ability to see the Digital Wellbeing information from within that app. It will work for any Android device, which is great news for those who cannot access the Digital Wellbeing information itself.

Digital Wellbeing tools allow you to see how you are using your Android device, such as time within certain apps. While these tools are very useful, they are only on the Android One and Pixel devices. That is why the new ActionDash app is so good, because it allows you to see this information regardless of which Android device you are using. Keep reading to learn about this new ActionDash app and what it will show you in relation to the Digital Wellbeing information and tools.

ActionDash Brings Digital Wellbeing Data to All Android Devices

We told you a while back about Digital Wellbeing, and how these tools will help you hopefully cut down on your screen time. The tools allow you to see how many hours or minutes you are spending on your phone and in certain apps. We loved all of the information that Digital Wellbeing had to offer, but it is only for those on Pixel or Android One devices. A developer, Chris Lacy, has just put out an app for Android called ActionDash.

With ActionDash, you will be able to see a lot of the same information that you can see with the Digital Wellbeing tools. It is a simple and clean app that will give you all kinds of statistics about your phone and your app usage. There are other options like using grayscale mode or even setting timers for yourself for certain apps.

If you want to limit your social media usage to an hour a day, you can set those timers, but that is not something you will find in ActionDash. The timers and controls, along with grayscale, can still only be found in the actual Digital Wellbeing toolset. You will still be able to get the core functions and features of Digital Wellbeing through the ActionDash app.

More ActionDash Details We Wanted to Share

While you will not get all of the features of Digital Wellbeing in ActionDash, you will get a ton of the core features and statistics that will definitely come in handy. There is both a free version of this app and a paid version of this app, which is $6.99. With the free version, you will have advertisements to deal with, but you get a ton of statistics and information. You will have the main dashboard that shows you weekly or daily statistics on the apps you use.

The dashboard shows you how often you unlock your Android device, how many notifications you get, and much more. With this app, none of the data created is transmitted, which is a huge benefit for people worried about privacy. So you have the main dashboard that shows data points and pie charts, then you have four other sections that show you the details. These section are where you will find the details on notifications, unlocking your device, times you have opened apps, and time spent in each app.

The paid version of the app gives you all of this information plus other things, such as dark mode, and the option to backup or restore data. With the paid version, you will also have the ability to see more than seven days of your data, among many other additional features.

ActionDash mostly is there to show you the information and app usage on your device. Digital Wellbeing on the other hand, which is part of Android One and Pixel, actually allows you to set timers and restrictions for apps. So there are some differences here but the core functionality is still present in this ActionDash app.

How You Can Get ActionDash Android App Right Now

If you would like to check out ActionDash for your Android device, you can get it by heading to Google Play Store right now. You can try out the free version to see if this app is something you would like to have before you pay for the premium version with added features. We definitely think that the core features and functions of Digital Wellbeing are represented well in this app. If you cannot get Digital Wellbeing on your device, this really is the next best thing if you want to check your device statistics.

Once you have tried out the app, we want to hear from you in the comments below. Do you think that this app is comparable to Digital Wellbeing? Are you someone who has been using Digital Wellbeing on your Android device? Do you like the timers and settings that Digital Wellbeing has, which are features that ActionDash does not have? Are you hopeful that more features will come to the ActionDash app in the future?