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Activision Adds 3D Design of Leonidas to Humble Bundle

Sep 23, 2015

The Humble Bundle Total War package gives you access to a whole range of Creative Assembly’s Total War games. The big surprise in this package is the fact that you also receive a 3D design file of Commander Leonidas, which you could use to print him on your 3D printer. The Humbly Bundle Total War package also includes a beta key for Total War: Arena, which is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game that was announced two years ago.

The first package of the new Humble Bundle consists of several Total War E-books, a special campaign overview map, a Wolfhound Crest to decorate a castle, several Total War titles and a beta key for Total War: Arena, which was announced more than two years ago by Creative Assembly. However, the free multiplayer online battle arena game does not have a set release date, and it is not yet known when it will be out of beta.


Total War: Arena is currently in a Closed Alpha stage. You can access the game by going to the website of the game itself. By purchasing a beta key through the Humble Bundle website, the owner of said beta key will also receive a Warrior Greek Shield, which will only be available in the Closed Beta. Next to the in-game shield, you will also receive a 3D design file, which allows you to print out the bust of Commander Leonidas.

There will be various extras available for those who want to pay more than the average price. The various extras include 18.000 in-game gold for Total War: Arena, a coupon for sixty six percent off on Total War: Attila and the Empire and Medieval: Total War Collection. By paying thirty dollars or more, you will receive a Total War T-shirt and all of the above.

As always with all Humble Bundles, you are able to decide towards which charity your “donation” should go to. You can also choose to donate some money to publisher Sega or the Humble organization.

All of the Total War games in this Humble Bundle are available for Windows, while some of them are also playable on a Mac or Linux. You will be able to use your key for Total War: Arena as soon as the beta stage begins.

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