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Adobe coming with new designing tool to amazed you

Mar 16, 2016

On Tuesday US software major Adobe announced that it will soon release much awaited user experience design Adobe Experience Design CC. This will now help UX designers and empower them to help deliver web sites and mobile apps more easily and quickly. The person who develops a product to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction by ensuring ease of use, pleasure in the product and also improves the usability is known as a User experience designer.Adobe

In October 2015 Adobe had first demonstrated this project as “Project Comet” at the Adobe MAX. And now it has decided to release the preview in order to get feedbacks from UX design community.

Adobe coming with new designing tool to amazed you

The vice president of Creative Cloud product management at Adobe said in a statement, “Designers have been waiting for the right UX tool to simplify app and web experience design. From the beginning this has been a constructive collaboration between our team and the design community and we look forward to the feedback from creatives worldwide,” you can get the Adobe Experience Design (XD) for free download if you have an Adobe ID.

But first it will be available to only for Adobe Creative Cloud members which is expected to be later this year.  For now the Adobe XD us only available for Mac OS and will be added to mobile apps in the near future for iOS and Android phones. It has also plans to introduce it to Windows 10 as desktop app.