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Adobe Lightroom for Android Update Brings New Features

Dec 13, 2017

We have some good news as Adobe Lightroom for Android just got a new update. This new update is rolling out now to Android devices. The Adobe Lightroom for Android app has had a little bit of a rough start, but it quickly has become a popular app for photographers on the go. Previously, you could use filters and even use the sync ability across all of your devices.

These are some of the reasons why this app was so useful and great for people who enjoy photography. The app also had the ability to process the RAW files, but now, even better changes have come to the Adobe Lightroom for Android app. Read on to learn about the new app update and what new changes you will find.

Adobe Lightroom for Android Updates with New Settings & More

In the new Adobe Lightroom for Android update, there are new Auto Settings. This means that you will get better results due to the updated neural network technologies. The neural network is powered by the Adobe Sensei technologies. The photos will look much better using the Auto Settings. Even better, is that most of the new features in this update are available without the subscription. This means you do not have to pay to get these features, although some are still going to require that subscription.

App shortcuts are also part of this update as long as you are running Android Nougat or Android Oreo. These shortcuts are easy to use since you just need to click on and hold the app icon down. You will be able to launch all of the popular modes of the app using this shortcut feature. Bug fixes and general improvements are also part of this update. An issue was also resolved for those on Huawei devices where importing images were not working correctly. Lastly, there are some new ways to manage your storage and it gives you more control over the storage.

Auto Settings Biggest Change in Adobe Lightroom for Android Update

While there are definitely some new and fun features added in this app update, the Auto Settings are the biggest change. If you have not used the neural network technology of Sensei before, you can check out more on the Adobe blog to learn how this changes everything. You will no longer need to worry about anything if you use the new Auto Settings, especially if they work as intended.

The automatic adjustments are now also made using the Sensei neural networking technology. Basically, the short version is that it will use data from thousands of photos to understand what the photo is that it is looking at. All of these new features and changes will make the app work better for you, which means you can be more productive and more innovative with your photography.

Launcher shortcuts are now what the Adobe Lightroom for Android update brings with the app shortcuts. Launcher shortcuts was the old name for this and as long as you have Android 7.1 or newer it will work. The shortcuts include add photos, Lightroom camera and selfie. The new Adobe Lightroom for Android update is now live in Google Play Store.

If the app is already downloaded onto your device, then you probably will see the app updating within the next day or two. Other changes coming to the app are specific device updates, such as Samsung and Huawei. So tell us in the comments if you have used the new Adobe Lightroom for Android yet. Do you think these changes, especially the Auto Settings and App Shortcuts, will make the app better?