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Adobe Lightroom Mobile App Now Standalone for iOS

Oct 11, 2015

Good news if you have iOS, as you can now get the Lightroom Mobile image editing app, which was made by Adobe, as a standalone app. This means that you do not need the desktop tool or a subscription to Creative Cloud anymore in order to use the Lightroom Mobile app. There are additional tweaks and new features with the updated standalone version of the Lightroom Mobile app for iOS too.


Previously, Adobe’s Lightroom Mobile was essentially a companion app that people used in combination with the desktop tool. If you had the desktop app and also a Creative Cloud subscription, you would be able to edit images on your tablet or phone, but this ended up being a very complex and expensive process. While the companion app was free to download during this time period, it could not be used by itself, meaning you had to have both other components in order to get the app to run.

Adobe changing the Lightroom Mobile app to be a standalone app for iOS, means that users can now edit and tweak their photos via a mobile devices without using or needing to use either two of the other programs. Even more good news coming to iOS users is the fact that you do not need an Adobe ID to use the new standalone version of the Lightroom Mobile imaging app. You can also use this app on both iPhones and iPads, and it also works on the iPod Touch to give you more ways to edit your photos on the go.

This new change to the Lightoom Mobile app to make it a standalone app available without all of the extra things needed is all part of Adobe trying to appeal to a broader consumer base. There are so many other types of standalone image editing apps out there on the market that Adobe wants to make itself stand out from the crowd and become a better competitor to these apps. If Adobe wants to stay in the image editing market and get consumers to use their products over other apps, then the company needs to make it easier to use the app, meaning not require the desktop tool or an Adobe ID or have to get a subscription to the Creative Cloud service. Of course, if you have an Adobe ID you can still use that on the app and other Adobe services, so it can still be useful to you in your endeavors.

Adobe is also planning on making the Lightroom Mobile app available as a standalone app for Android users too, although Google’s platform has not added this option yet. Whether you own an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you can now download the Lightroom Mobile app and begin editing your pictures and tweaking them without having to worry about the Creative Cloud subscription service or worry about spending several minutes trying to make an Adobe ID to use the application. Adobe noted on its blog that Android version will be coming soon, but iOS users immediately can start using the program without a paid membership or Adobe ID.

Smartphone cameras have become the choice for consumers who are on the go and wanting to capture images and memories. The mobile cameras have taken over the camera market, replacing traditional old style cameras, except for those who are professional photographers. Professional photographers are still using the DSLR cameras and also using the more serious and comprehensive image editing software, but regular people who just want to take pictures are opting for the mobile cameras and easy to use photo imaging software. Sometimes it comes down to amateur photographers needing an easy solution to editing their smartphone camera pictures, and this is where Lightroom Mobile comes in handy, along with other programs in the Lightroom suite.


The Lightroom Mobile app could be the best solution since it is a free standalone app, and this will help Adobe maintain competitiveness within the imaging editing field, especially with the more amateur photographers out there. Another positive about the updated features to this app is that you can choose whether or not to participate in the Creative Cloud Photography trial, whereas before the trial was activated as soon as the users had checked out the mobile person.

If the user did not become a paid member of the Creative Cloud Photography Plan after that 30-day trial was over, then they could not use the app anymore either, and this is also something Adobe changed in the new updated iOS app since there are no limitations or caveats to using the free app. “Free Lightroom” gives you free access to the Lightroom Mobile app for as long as you want on both your smartphone or tablet device.