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Adobe Photoshop Camera Released for Free on iOS & Android

Jun 15, 2020

We wanted to tell you about the news Adobe has finally released that smartphone camera app we learned about in November 2019. This camera app is called Adobe Photoshop Camera and it’s live now on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. While there are several different camera apps already out there, this app uses special technology to help you edit your photos much easier than before.

Adobe Photoshop Camera Uses Sensei Technology

What makes Adobe Photoshop Camera for iOS and Android different from some other camera apps is the technology it uses to help you accurately edit photos. The technology is called Sensei and that is the Adobe version of artificial intelligence. With Sensei, the app can automatically detect various subjects within your photos. From there, the app will recommend certain filters to you to use that will enhance your photos.

Adobe Photoshop Camera will also suggest filters that you should use when you take a photo as well, which can reduce the need to edit your photos afterward. Speaking more on these filters, there are 80 different custom filters that are available for you within the app. You can use these filters in real-time or apply the filters after the fact during editing. So not only does this app help you edit your photos after you’ve taken them, but it also will enhance your photos in real-time while you take the photos. Filters include Studio Light, Food, Spectrum, Pop, Art, Portrait, and Bloom.

We also wanted to tell you that this app is easy-to-use. All you need to do is just aim the camera at what you want to take a picture of and then choose your filter. If you’re using the camera app while looking at clouds or other objects, a filter is automatically selected. This will help you find the right look, such as shooting stars or moving objects like clouds. This app will also apply filters automatically within the photos saved in your photo library and it will select whichever filters it thinks is appropriate.

Adobe Photoshop Camera App Offers Lenses from Creators & More

If you download the new Adobe Photoshop Camera app you’ll also notice that there are lenses that you can use that are inspired by creators and influencers too. These custom-designed types of lenses are inspired by people such as Billie Eilish. She is one of many creators that released a lens in a limited-edition form that you are able to try within the app.

You’ll also find a feature called auto-tune in the app and this feature could be very useful while taking pictures. The auto-tune feature will adjust the shadows, brightness, and auto-masking for you automatically, which is really cool. You will notice that the app itself has a pretty good layout overall. The UI seems to be put together pretty well and it’s organized. It’s powerful and it also is simple enough that those without Photoshop skills can use with ease.

Adobe Photoshop Camera is Available Now for Free

There is only one thing you’ll need to do after you download the Adobe Photoshop Camera app. You will need to login to the app first before you can use the app. If you’ve used other Adobe apps in the past, then you know that Adobe requires you to log in first in the app. As long as you have an Adobe account you are good to go. In the comment section below, we want to know if you’ll try out the new Adobe Photoshop Camera app.

We want to know whether or not you think this camera app will help you when it comes to applying filters correctly to photos while you’re taking a picture? Do you use filters and lenses a lot when you are taking pictures with your iOS or Android device? What other camera apps have you found that easily let you edit photos? Will you check out this app and if not, what is stopping you from trying out this free app from Adobe?