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Adobe Reader Update Allows for Document Scanning on Android

Nov 20, 2016

When it comes to reading documents via mobile devices, Adobe Reader has always been the preferred choice. On Android, Adobe has become a classic staple for people in both a personal and professional setting. Good news this week as the update to the Adobe Reader app for Android now has included a functionality to turn your smartphone into a scanner.

Adobe Reader for Android Scans Documents & Receipts

Since we are so close to the Christmas shopping season the new Adobe Reader update is going to come in very handy. Not only will you be able to scan documents, but this new scanning ability will allow you to scan receipts straight from your smartphone and save them. You either can choose to share your scans, such as work documents or receipts, or you can simply save the scans onto your Android smartphone. If you want to share your scanned documents, you can do that using Sharepoint, Dropbox, Google Drive or via the Document Cloud. Any Android integrated storage option will work with this Adobe Reader Scan tool, allowing you to save it or share it with just the click of a button.


The new scanning abilities coming to Adobe Reader Android are due to the fact that the update now includes a free Scan tool. This Scan tool is built into the Adobe Reader mobile update, which then will allow you to turn your scans into PDF files, which can be read using the normal Adobe Reader. If you are wondering about what all you can turn into PDFs the possibilities are endless. You can turn pictures, notes, documents, whiteboards, and receipts all into a PDF. The best part about the Scan tool is that you can turn multiple pages or documents into one PDF file and then change the order of the PDF as you wish.

The Scan tool is so simple to use on your Android device as all you have to do is point the camera on your Android phone onto what you want to scan. Then you just let the Adobe Reader app go to work and complete the process for you. The new Adobe Reader update also is able to detect things like perspective and boundaries, which will give you sharper text and images. Your scanned documents, whether it is a receipt or whiteboard, will look a million times clearer and sharper with the automatic correcting and camera enhancing features.


The options are limitless with the Adobe Reader Scan tool because you will be able to digitize any document out there you want, regardless of shape or size. Since all of the image correctness is done within the app, you also will not have to worry about distorted or blurry documents either. The update should already be hitting over-the-air if you have Adobe Reader installed on your Android device. If you rather not wait, you can download the updated version of Adobe Reader now from the Google Play Store.