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Adobe Scan Updates on iOS With New Features

Nov 14, 2017

If you have Adobe Scan on your iOS device, you might be interested in knowing about the latest update. The new Adobe Scan iOS update will bring a few new features, which is always welcome news. If you have not heard about Adobe Scan before, it is the document scanning app that Adobe put out. Now, with the new features in the app it will be much easier to access your various scanned items. Read on to learn more about the new Adobe Scan iOS update and what it brings to the table.

Adobe Scan iOS Update Adds New Features

One new addition to the Adobe Scan app for iOS is that Adobe Sensei technology was added. This new integration with machine learning will allow for automatic imports of documents. These documents that can now be imported automatically are from your Camera Roll. Adobe Scan will now scan through that Camera Roll for any and all document images.

Even better is that the app will automatically import them. This will allow you to keep all of your documents in one place. Not only can this help you stay organized, but it also will help you increase your productivity overall. Whether you want to use Adobe Scan for your business or your personal life, it will definitely help you manage all of your papers and business cards or other documents.

The machine learning capabilities with Sensei will allow you to keep track of various documents, including receipts and other paperwork. You will no longer have to go through your Camera Roll or search for the images that you want to place into the Adobe Scan app. It can be difficult if you have hundreds of images on your device to find the document you are looking for. That is also why the new technology allows for you to locate and search through those scanned images with ease.

Adobe Scan Adds iOS 11 Files App Support

The app is also now supporting iOS 11, specifically, the Files app. You can now access the Adobe Scan files right from the iOS 11 Files app. This will also make managing all of your documents easier. You can search through files now by the name of the file or search by the date. There will also be clearer scans with Adobe Scan since the image cleaning tool has been improved. If you have folds or shadows on those images, the new image cleaning tool will clear that all up for you.

Speaking of searching, did you know that Adobe Scan is the only free app that will automatically search for those receipts or other documents? It will search for business cards, receipts, documents, and other items automatically. This allows you to find exactly what you are looking for without wasting time going through possibly thousands of images on your device.

If you would like to check out Adobe Scan for yourself, you can download it right now for free on Apple’s App Store. The update including iOS 11 Files app support and more should be hitting your iOS device within the next day if it has not already. Let us know in the comments what you think of this new update. Are you happy these changes were made and will it help you stay organized?