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    Adventure Capitalist Cheats Guide & Tips

    Feb 9, 2017

    If you love crunching numbers then this might just be the game for you. AdVenture Capitalist helps you experience yourself everything from a small-town lemonade seller to a magnanimous oil-tycoon.

    With this mind-boggling Simulator, you’ll be able to own a plethora of businesses as you ride to the zenith of fiscal domination. Be it pizza delivery or a donut shop or a movie studio. There’s something for everyone’s taste buds to be satiated with.


    You can build your own empire as you see fit in this incremental game. The quest begins with a simple squeeze of lemon. Moving forward, it is all about the right nudge. Bring out your best strategy and show us how quick you can become a billionaire.

    This game is available on both Android and iOS for free. There are in-app purchases which cost anything between 2$ and 100$. However, you need not to buy these to complete the games.

    Cheats & Tips for Adventure Capitalist

    You can hire managers to handle all arrays of business once you’ve reached the optimum level of aggrandizement i.e. you have enough money to spare for a manager. Once you’ve got one to run any business, sit back and relax while you see revenue index multiply like never before as the manager will sell the product for you whenever the chance arises. No time will be wasted and the manager will ensure that you reap maximum benefits for what you’ve sowed up till now.

    There’s a choice of managers too for a single business. The least efficient ones are available for cash while the better ones will cost you in ‘angels’. The latter types decrease the cost price and help you in achieving returns faster and in a cheaper way instead. The salary for each of these managers is however paid only once.


    The game also allows you to buy gold bars as an in-app purchase and subsequently use them to warp time up to 7 days into the future. This will help you escape time and witness your empire’s growth in one click. You may not need to wait eons to become a billionaire! There’s another alternative which allows you multiply the time by a factor of 3.

    The other arcane trick (or not, maybe) I discovered while playing is that even if you leave the game (exit, literally speaking) it won’t stop raking in the moolah. The business keeps running and you’ll be shown the money earned while you were away, as soon as you restart the game. Ain’t this neat? Just make sure you have hired the required managers for each business before you close the game.


    There’s plenty of add-ons and upgrades available for you to multiply your earnings. It has been ensured by the developers that there’s something to look forward to every time you wish to upgrade. You can multiply your profits, hire top of the line managers or even buy and ultimately sacrifice angels to achieve magical profits. The possibilities seem endless here.

    Adventure Capitalist Review

    When you start the game you’ll see various businesses which can be identified using the round icons. Whenever you click these icons or the green bar next to them, you sell that item and earn profits for it. The amount of profit is displayed in the same green bar next to the icon. Below it you can see the option of buying the business which depicts the current cost too. You can handle any number of the same businesses simultaneously. As you buy more of the same business, the cost for it gradually increases. There is a small meter which shows you time required to effectively complete one transaction and start another. The larger the business, more the time it takes to complete the transaction. If you find it exhausting to tap for a new transaction or if you forget to do it, you can hire managers who do this task for you.


    There’s a nifty orange button on the top right corner which can be toggled by just tapping on it. The options are Buy x 1, Buy x 10, Buy x 100 and Buy x Max. If you toggle to Buy x 1, each time you click to buy a business, you’ll buy only one of it. If you toggle to Buy x Max, you’ll buy the maximum number of the business possible with the revenue at hand. You can choose the other options which work similarly.

    You can attract the angel investors by resetting the business. They make the game easier and fast-paced too. You may have to rebuild your empire after resetting but now you’ll be earning more money which will increase exponentially through time due to the grace of angels.

    At the bottom you’ll find three buttons:

    Shop for GOLD: If you need a boost, you can buy the gold bars which will give an edge by warping the time or make you snazzy as you adorn a gold suit.

    MENU: Access to Unlocks, Upgrades, Managers and Investors is available from here. Gamers can also access the game forum from the menu if they wish to converse with fellow gamers.

    BONUS: You can watch ads via this window to gain a momentary boost for the day.

    For statistics, you can tap on the top left icon and know about the session earnings, lifetime earnings, badges acquired, angel investors sacrificed and the total angel investors.

    Graphics and UI – 3/5

    It may seem a little plain and vanilla at first sight but it gets you hooked soon enough. You will get familiar with the UI without any hiccups. The animations have been implemented very well and they don’t obstruct your view for more than required. However, the fonts in the menu seem a touch smaller on certain occasions to be easily readable. The pastel theme used for the graphics may seem pleasing to some and boring to others.

    Music & SFX – 3/5

    There’s not much to write home about the music of this game. It’s quite silly and repetitive but matches the theme of the game. They could’ve done better and come up with something more pleasant and less annoying.

    Pro Tip: The soundtrack has the potential to haunt your soul. So mute it at the outset itself.

    Addictiveness – 2.5/5

    It may seem addictive as you aspire to become the apotheosis of the Capitalist world. But the game will lose the players interest and concentration too soon. You keep earning once you’ve installed the app which further discouraged the players to open the game. And there’s no stopping to the cash crunching unless you uninstall it.

    Gameplay – 1/5

    It’s quite simple and hassle-free. You just need to tap the icon to make a transaction. If you wish to automate this process, you can hire the managers. If this seems too disinteresting and you wish to up the ante, there’s a variety of add-ons to suit your needs. But the game becomes virtually dormant once you buy the oil company, as you cannot buy any new business. The only option is to multiply using the same options at hand. But again you never literally play the game for what you earn. Most of the revenue is earned while you’re not playing. What is the point here?

    The game is too simple and straightforward than I’d anticipated. There are no surprising twists here and storyline is virtually non-existent. You just keep tapping (initially, at least) and earn up to quadrillion bucks.

    Final Thoughts

    In a nutshell, this is not the most complex tycoon game and there are plenty of better options which you’ll like better if you are not lazy enough to look for it. This game totally lacks novelty and originality and has nothing to wow its audience or keep them busy. Don’t be fooled by the ratings on the stores and give it a miss. It’s only for those who have played and acquired a liking for such games. The winning move is to never play this one.

    Overall Rating – 2/5

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