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Agenda iOS App Adds Reminders Integration in Latest Update

Jul 8, 2019

The Agenda iOS app and macOS app has been update this past week to version 6.0. In this new update, you will find that Agenda has added full Reminders integration. This is a pretty major update because fully integrating with the Apple Reminders app is a huge step forward for this popular note-taking app. Agenda was already integrated with Calendar and this new Reminders integration is very similar to that. If you currently use Agenda, read on to learn more about the new version 6.0 update and what new features it brings.

Agenda iOS App Updates with Apple Reminders App Integration

Agenda is one of the most popular of all the note-taking apps available on iOS and macOS. A new update is rolling out right now and brings the app to version 6.0. This new update is fairly major because it brings a full integration with the Apple Reminders app. Just as Agenda integrated with the Calendar app previously, the integration with Reminders will work the same way.

This new integration is going to allow you to add your Reminders right to those Agenda tasks you have. You can control all of your Reminders tasks right there from within the Agenda app, and this will work on both iOS and macOS.

From within the Agenda iOS app, you will be able to reschedule, complete, or edit your Reminders. You also will notice that in the task field there will be a link to the Agenda note from within Reminder. So Agenda and Reminders will sync together and link you to the relevant note which is very handy for productivity.

Many New Features in Agenda 6.0 Update for iOS

The integration with Reminders isn’t the only new feature found in the latest Agenda update for macOS or iOS. You will also notice that there is a new keyboard bar, which is going to simplify and make it much easier for you to change the formatting of your notes. You will be able to insert tags, reminders, people, and attachments much easier and quicker with this new keyboard bar. It also is going to help you organize all of your lists much easier too.

Beyond that, you will also be able to now link multiple notes to the same exact event. If you have a calendar event, you will be able to link multiple notes to this one event. That makes it great for business purposes if you use this note-taking app for work. Any notes that are relevant to that event will be linked and you will be able to access them all with just one simple click.

New Timeline Also Part of Agenda iOS & macOS Update

Lastly, you will notice in Agenda iOS version 6.0 that there is a new timeline, which will make it easier to see everything going on in this note-taking app. The timeline is now going to show you everything you need in one list that is scrollable. All events and reminders are going to be found in this timeline and it’s seamless to see all things going on in your life with this new look.

The best thing about Agenda is that it’s a free note-taking app available for both iOS and macOS. You can find the newest update live right now in both Apple’s App Store and the Mac App Store. If you haven’t tried out this note-taking app before, you definitely should because it’s unique compared to similar kinds of apps. Agenda uses dates as the approach so each note you write will correspond to a date on the calendar, and it’s great for business or school use for that reason. It’s worth checking out and this new update brings more powerful features and an easier way to use the app than ever before.

Once you have tried out the new features, we want to know what you think about them in the comments below. Do you think that this update with Reminders integration is going to get more people to use the app? What other features are you hopeful are added in the future and what features do you currently like the best? If you would rather use another note-taking app, let us know about that app in the comments below and tell us what you like about it.