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Airtel launched 4G services in India’s Tourist State Goa

Mar 30, 2016

Airtel launched 4G services in India’s Tourist State Goa: Airtel on Wednesday new launch 4G services in India’s Tourist State Goa, aims at Goa Airtel subscribers. Airtel subscribers in Goa can now update and upgrade to 4G services through immediate effect, SIM swap and home delivery as and when required.Airtel 4G

Airtel launched 4G services in India’s Tourist State Goa

As per the announcement made by the Airtel company and its premier launch of Airtel 4G in the state, Ashok Ganapathy head Mumbai, Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat circles at Bharti Airtel states, It is an increasing number of Indians have shown a preference for consuming data and content over their tools and devices .Mobile devices, we want our existing customers to be the first ones to enjoy the 4G uninterrupted experience and services at 3G prices.

Airtel statement, India’s No. 1 telecom company said, Delivering a compelling experience to our loyalist customers and it is Airtel Company’s and our utmost priority. We recently launched Project Leap, our national network transformation way to drive a faster compelling network experience for our valuable customers.

The Company further stated that Airtel 4G subscribers especially  will now be able to experience fastest internet speeds and enjoy capabilities such as high definition video streaming with zero buffering.

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Now airtel subscribers can download 10 movies in less than 30 minutes without losing the internet connectivity, one can upload entire photo albums in less than five minutes that is uploading two high resolution image and photos per sec and even connect multiple devices without compromising on the experience.

Airtel launching its Platinum 3G services in Goa, Ganapathy said that the telco has significantly passed and augmented its network .Such a compelling robust lavish  further investments in building a robust 4G infrastructure in the region. Airtel 4G, as per the Airtel Company is available to customers across a range of smart devices including mobile phones, dongles, 4G hotspots and Wi-Fi dongles.