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Alcatel Idol 4s Review

Jul 26, 2016

Alcatel  Idol 4s Review: We have rumored of Alcatel in any respect, you’ve gotten most commonly most effective concept of it as a funds Smartphone maker, creating drops in a sea of low end Android telephones. But say you’re Alcatel, how do you move up from the backside to the middle, and make a telephone that isn’t destined for the prepaid section of the phone retailer? Make something that people might do more than tolerate, however, as a substitute actively wish to purchase? You would do something just slightly like the Idol 4S.Alcatel Idol 4S

Alcatel  Idol 4s Review

The Idol 4S is Alcatel’s try to move up and compete with the following tier of cutting-edge smart phones. It has an extra sophisticated design and greater-end components and materials than more cost effective phones and the corporation’s previous efforts. However the true thing that’s presupposed to set the Idol 4S aside is that it comes with a VR headset proper within the field (or, extra adequately, the field *is* the VR headset).


Moving up to the midrange and including a VR headset signifies that the 4S has a better price then, it will be $399 when it goes on sale early next month. That rate places the Idol 4S in opposition to a lot stiffer competitors within the unlocked Android world, such because the spectacular One Plus three and the promising ZTE Axon 7.Alcatel Idol 4S Review

Smartphone problems:

After spending over every week using and checking out the Idol 4S, I have combined emotions about it. It’s an awfully capable Android Smartphone, with no real efficiency flaws or deal-breaking problems; however, it lacks one of the vital refinement of the competitors. There are distinct, questionable design selections that I’ll get into later, and i don’t in finding a lot value in the VR expertise, but overall the Idol 4S is speedy with secure battery existence and a great display. I simply don’t feel it’d be the phone I’d endorse in case you are planning to spend $four hundred on an unlocked gadget.

Device features:

Turns out breaking out of the low-tier percent is more difficult than it appears, even supposing you include Relooking on the Idol 4S, it’s clear that Alcatel is left in the back of the finances plastic of its prior items. The glass and steel sandwich design is acquainted (from the again, it looks strikingly like last yr’s Samsung Galaxy S6) and telegraphs that 4S isn’t a cut price bin phone. The device itself is very well built and the mild curve on the edges of the entrance and rear glass panels is an excellent degree of polish. It is, like different phones with entrance and rear glass designs, very slippery without a case.Alcatel Idol 4S display

Alcatel Idol 4S Alcatel Idol 4S

The Idol 4S has other excessive-finish hardware points too, comparable to a very fast fingerprint scanner on the back and powerful stereo speakers on the front. The output of the speakers places the $800 Galaxy S7 side to disgrace and honestly did justice to the new Justice single.The mobile’s 5.5-inch AMOLED show is excellent, even nicer to seem at that some extra luxurious telephones, such because the Nexus 6P. It’s shiny and colorful with high-quality viewing angles, and the quad HD resolution is sharp ample for VR functions. It doesn’t get as blindingly vivid as a Samsung when outside underneath direct daylight, but it still stays readable.

Let’s just make one factor certainly crystal clear. I’ve been playing round with hardware and program on a professional Idol 4S supposed for the U.S., because of this there would be slight alterations between this mannequin and the absolutely completed, boxed-up unit. Seeing that this variation of the phone is not same to at least one you would be able to buy yourself, I am conserving off on a rated review for now and focal point on my basic impressions right here. Once I get the ultimate version, the entire court press –with my recommendations on whether or not or not you will have to buy the phone is on.Alcatel Idol 4S button


The Idol 4S may just compete with other $400 telephones with its outside hardware, but it surely doesn’t have as robust internal specs. Instead of Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line Snapdragon 820, as determined in the OnePlus three, ZTE Axon 7, and plenty of different Android telephones this year, the 4S has the midrange Snapdragon 652 chip. It additionally has 3GB of RAM, when many different telephones come prepared with 4GB or even more.