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Alienation PS4 Game Review

Apr 29, 2016

Alienation PS4 Game Review: When the PS4 became was first available, there were not too many big budget blockbuster exclusive games to justify and buying the one. But yes, there were so many of great digital games and one of them was the voxel-based shooter Resogun from the Finnish studio and the long-time Sony collaborator Housemarque. Long after the initial hype it was the compelling enough reason to warrant switching on the PS4 and hoopla for buying a new console wore off.Alienation Game Review

Alienation PS4 Game Review

We cannot say that the situation has been rectified itself just yet, what about the Sony’s only exclusive only big first party exclusive game about a month away this year, you can trust on the Alienation to give an excuse to dust off on your PS4.

It is much like its previous effort i.e. Deadnation, Housemarque’s latest is a twin-stick shooter. The game starts immediately. In exposition there is a little time to waste. Aliens have taken over the whole world and the humanity has one chance to take it all back. In order to so, you will have to run and gun through a variety of scenic vistas such as icy climes of Alaska to the jungles of the Brazil and vanquish anything that stands in your way. Most of the game’s plot is an excuse to just shoot the aliens.Alienation PS4 Game

Luckily, you won’t be playing like a common soldier. Infact, you have to control one of the three mechanized infantry suits and each with its own powers and skills.

– To focus on the sheer firepower there is the Tank and close range attacks

– With the Saboteur you can call is air strikers and can cloak itself from the aliens

– The Bio-Specialist will use the nano machines to heal at your disposal and making them worth trying at least once.Alienation Game

Along your way you will wage war against infinite hordes of enemies. From lowly expendable mutants to the spiders that will explode into what appears to be molten lava. To keep things fresh there is enough of a distinction in terms of enemy types. It is well complemented by a well thought out levels that ensure that you will never be too far from the power-up or a turret to help you stem the war of tide. For some, it might be just top-down twin-stick shooter but it looks quite good with the interesting looking enemies, a clean user interface and neat weather effects.

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All this would be for the naught if the moment to moment gameplay was subpar but thankfully this is not the case here. The controls work as they should and the movement is controlled by the left thumb stick and aiming with right. You can unleash a barrage of firepower at your foes by tapping the right trigger. It borrows from the Gear of War with an active reload feature that will let you load rounds faster by just clicking a button at a right time and there is a melee attack as well. But the dash move is the most beautiful. With the left trigger you can blitz to or from a fire zone. As the game has the tendency to throw an insurmountable number of the enemies in your way so we found this is to be a lifesaver. Layered over and above this is a suite of weapons and grenades along with the surprisingly robust role-playing game i.e. RPG elements.Alienation PS4 Game Review

There are also:

  • The aforementioned character classes
  • Crafting
  • Weapon upgrades
  • A leveling up system

To add a significant amount of depth to the game all of them go long away and it will allow you to invest in crafting character as you see fit.

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The game has the tendency to throw up the fireworks every few minutes by making the things a lot more entertaining than they should be. So, with intuitive controls and a welcome sense of the depth, it is a enjoyable romp that will keep you enthralled longer than you think you would be.


  • Interesting RPG mechanics
  • Great visuals
  • Explosions galore


  • Not much of a story
  • Rating (out of 10) :9