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    AlphaBear Word Puzzle Game Cheats & Tips Guide

    Feb 9, 2017

    What do gamers get when they combine a cute cartoon bear and a word/puzzle game together? One of the latest apps to hit the app store from the group known as Spry Fox, AlphaBear is a game that combines a word puzzle with some new challenges to make you stop admiring the cute cartoon bears and get to creating as many sophisticated and complicated words as you can for a staggering amount of points. Just a warning that this game does involve tons of thinking and a love of the dictionary if you are an avid professional at this game so lazy gamers be warned this is not as simple as it looks.


    Gameplay/ How to Play

    The simplest part of this game is making new words. As players create new words they get more points that accumulate. The more complex and long the word is the more points they receive per word. The goal of each level is to reach the objective score that the game wants you to reach and by doing so you beat the level and have the chance of unlocking bears (more explained later). The deeper concept of this game is that every word that the player forms a bear will appear in that place.

    Every time more words are created around that bear the bigger the bear gets and the bigger the bear gets the more bonus points it will add to your score once the level is completed. What also makes this game a bit more challenging is that the letters available to you are only there for a certain amount of turns. Each letter has a number next to it and when that number reaches zero then the letter tile turns to stone not only disabling you from using that letter but also not allowing the bears you have created to grow in that direction possibly losing players some valuable points.

    Different Kinds of Levels in AlphaBear

    There are a few different kinds of levels in this game that should be played differently depending on what type of game it is and by beating these levels more levels can be unlocked. The first game mode is the regular game mode where the objective is simple in that players are just trying to reach a certain amount of score to complete the objective and level. Another game mode is dependent on the day of the week but for example if it is was a Wednesday it would be a Wednesday level. Where it starts getting difficult is when the levels are timed, different levels have a timer with a certain amount of time on it which rush the players to reach the objective score before time runs out.

    Another kind of level that is less frequent are the kinds where the game wants you to make either short or long words during the game while trying to reach the objective score. The last kind of level are the boss levels which are a bit more difficult and require players to use more bears to attain that high score (explained later). The boss levels require players to get a higher score than usual to reach the objective score and in doing so players are able to unlock legendary bears which are the most beneficial to your game experience. For example, in the first world players must get a score of around 1800 in under 3 minutes to beat the level so these can be quite difficult but staying calm and not letting the pressure get to you will help players beat these difficult stages.

    If you were reading carefully you might have noticed that I said there are different worlds. They are referred to as chapters in the game but each has a different theme to it like the first chapter is the “leisure” chapter and the second chapter is the “nerd monsters” chapter. Mastering each type of level will help players reach farther levels and unlock more chapters in this game.

    The Different Types of Bears

    So besides being a cute adorable character in this game, the bears are actually important to helping players win all of the levels. So in this game there are 67 different kinds of bears that players can attain with unique cute costumes. Each bear is categorized into three groups: the common bears, the rare bears and the legendary bears. Each bear has a specific ability that helps out the player during the level in different ways depending on what level it is. For example, some of the power ups that the bears can give are final score bonuses (a certain percentage boost), +5 seconds in timed modes, a certain amount of extra points dependent on what kind of word it is (ex. +29 for 4-letter words), and other bears give bonuses for using certain letters and vice versa.


    As I had mentioned before to beat a level players must reach a certain amount of score but by reaching certain scores, players can unlock eggs that give them either honey or bears when hatched. By attaining two of the same kind of bears in their collection, players can level up their bears which boost the ability they already have on each level. The only thing that players should be aware of is that certain bears have a cooldown time after each level ranging anywhere from a minute to a hour. Players can take a maximum of up to three bears in each level so this should be planned wisely so that each bear can help players reach the score they need to in harder levels where every word and point makes a difference.

    Honey and Coins

    In the game the main form of currency is honey that allow you to play in each level of the game. Each event has its own honey cost and that honey is used up allowing players to play in each stage. If the amount of honey players have goes below 100 the player will gain 1 honey every 2 minutes ( not a staggering amount if I say so myself). This honey will recharge even when the player is offline so taking a break for a few hours after losing a level is recommended to recharge to max honey capacity. There is also a honey store where players can watch an advertisement for 50 honey, buy infinite honey for $4.99 so they never have to wait to play again, and they can buy honey with coins. Honey is the most important currency because it allows you to play so it should be used wisely when trying to reach certain levels.

    Coins on the other hand are a bit different from their counterpart. Coins are used for waking up bears early from their naps (when they have to recharge), buying honey from the honey store, and entering treasure events. The first two uses were quite self explanatory but the third is different. Treasure events are special events that happen in certain chapters of the game. To play a treasure event players must use their coins to enter the level. Treasure events give players rewards for beating them like rare bears or even a legendary bear and each event differs in the set of rewards depending on the chapter. Coins are a bit harder to gain than honey because there is a certain amount that players can receive each day. One way is to go into the Coin store and watch an advertisement which will give you coins when finished.

    There is one warning I have about this method and that is that these ads are downloaded to your phone so if you are low on phone data this can wait until you are connected to a wifi signal. Another is if players reach a certain amount of score in a level they will receive a blue egg that when hatched can give around 30 or 50 coins depending on what chapter the player is on. These are the only two methods to gaining coins and they should be taken advantage of because there is a limit to how many times coins can be earned in a day so maximizing your coin capacity is a must.

    Cheats, Tips, and Tricks for AlphaBear

    The best tip by far that I can give to new players is to use the red and orange tiles (the ones that are a few turns away from becoming stone) as soon as possible before they turn because these can be detrimental in a crucial situation to beat a level. These not only limit the possibility of the words that can be made but also they prevent bears from growing bigger which give less of a score boost at the end of the level. One tip on bears, having 1 big bear is better than having many little small bears so focus on getting bigger bears because they will overall provide a bigger score boost than small bears. A main emphasis is on preventing rocks because they will only allow players to create small bears instead of creating a huge bear. Also mix and match the bear teams taken into each level. For example there are certain bears that give a score boost when a letter is used and other bears that make the frequency of a certain letter more often so combined these two can help give more score in each stage.

    It is also important to level up bears because as mentioned before there multiplier will increase with the more levels it is leveled up. Some bears will already be at their max potential when unlocked but others have hundreds of levels to be trained so taking strong bears into each stage will help make levels a lot easier for the player. A great tip I have for new players is to ignore the time limit. The time limit may seem pressuring but trust me I have completed many levels taking my own time at the speed I want to and thinking about the best words I can create to make long and complicated words. And this leads into my last tip which is always look at every possibility. Sometimes it may seem like a group of letters might not make a word but putting them in every possible order may help you find a new word you never knew about. This has happened to me a lot when two words are about to turn into stone but I put them together and they actually make a strange word so always try any possible combination.


    For Scrabble, puzzle game or avid dictionary word finders this is the perfect game. This game really challenges players to think of every possible word in their vocabulary. This game is not one that many can master because it requires a lot of prior skill of words and the ability to remember them in timed situations. What is great is the amount of content that Spry Fox has offered and it does not have a lot of ads in the game. And when there is ads they give a reward for the time spent watching them. Of course these challenges should not intimidate anyone because this app is for free on the apple store and android market so everyone should give it a try whenever they can because they might learn a thing or two from these charming little bears. Overall, this game has potential to be as popular as other puzzle games like Words with Friends so hopefully Spry Fox will continue to develop its awesome game to reach the potential it can in the app market.

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