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Amazon Kindle Oasis Review

Jun 28, 2016

Amazon Kindle Oasis Review: Every couple of years Amazon launches a new Kindle e-ink e-readers that is lighter, faster and smaller and with the arrival of Kindle Oasis, Amazon has introduced a lightest and thinnest e-reader ever.Amazon Kindle Oasis Review

Amazon Kindle Oasis Review

Last year, Kindle released Kindle Voyage at Rs 16,499 and making it most expensive e-reader we tested. In the form of the Oasis the Amazon has upped the price bar for the Kindle.

Build and Design:

This is the one feature that makes the Kindle Oasis stand out from almost all the previous generation Kindles. Amazon has gone with a very radical square shape that maintains the 6-inch diagonal length of the e-reader.Amazon Kindle Oasis

On the back it has a step design, where-in one edge it measures 8.4mm thick and then e-readers tapers down to a mere 3.4mm thickness and it houses the battery section. Thankfully Kindle Oasis brings back the physical buttons, that were missing since from the last two generations. In the front the thick edge is paired with the buttons that makes the Kindle Oasis quite ergonomic to hold. Also, around the thickness there is enough bezel, as compared to other edges that are thin.

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Amazon Kindle Oasis USB

On the top edge it has the physical/power button and beside it there is data transfer port and microUSB charging port. Overall the Kindle Oasis looks like a refreshing design. Also the leather cover attaches on the rear side. Amazon logo embossed in the front and looks quite elegant.Amazon Kindle Oasis Looks


The Oasis comes with 6-inch e-ink display that offers the same pixel density of 300ppi there on the Kindle Voyage with the new Kindle paperwhite. The Kindle Oasis comes with in-built accelerometer that determines the way you are holding the book and accordingly it changes the orientation of the text.

Turning of page can be either via touch or via physical buttons. It supports features such as Time to read and that gives you an indicator of how much time is left in the book or chapter like the vocabulary builder that lets you test your vocabulary, by arranging words you can marked to look up and by using flash card like the training technique.Amazon Kindle Oasis First Impression

The Kindle Oasis comes with the internal storage of 4GB and there is no audio jack. The Kindle Oasis supports 3G cellular data and Wi-Fi b/g/n. In terms of book format support, you will have these:

  • Kindle (AZW)
  • PDF
  • Kindle Format 8 (AZW3)
  • TXT
  • PRC natively
  • Unprotected MOBI
  • DOC
  • HTML
  • JPEG
  • DOCX
  • BMP
  • PNG


  • Kindles have become quite responsive over the years.
  • Page turns are very quick, so thanks to the physical button
  • The experimental browser needs a speed bumpAmazon Kindle Oasis Display

Getting a lock on Wi-Fi networks is a bit task and you may notice a lot of ghosting when you will enter your user name and password on display. Thanks to the 300dpi pixel density, while reading. The brightness is quite good. On the front for the adaptive front-lightning the Kindle Oasis does not have a sensor. The onboard keyboard do not lend itself well to quick typing.

Battery Life:

The battery of Kindle Oasis can last up to 8 weeks that will provided you ‘half an hour of reading per day with the wireless off and light setting at 10’.Amazon Kindle Oasis Charging Slot

The battery of the Oasis is divided into two components i.e. if you have the Kindle Oasis battery and additional juice that is provided by the cover. The cover is charging the Oasis, to keep it topped up. But once cover battery is depleted then the Kindle Oasis runs on its own battery. This implementation is quite good, but you can’t charge the cover separately, even though it is removable.Amazon Kindle Oasis battery


Everything about the Kindle Oasis is good like, physical buttons, accelerometer, good battery life, good battery life,slim ergonomic form factor. But price point is little high at Rs. 23,999 for the Wi-Fi only model and for Wi-Fi + 3G model the price point is Rs 27,999.