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Amazon launched Alexa voice assistant powered Tap, Echo Dot

Mar 4, 2016

Amazon launched Alexa voice assistant powered Tap, Echo Dot: Two new products has been introduced by Amazon namely the Echo Dot and the Amazon Tap, after the Echo featuring Alexa voice assistant. It is introduced to boost the role played by its voice-controlled assistant Alexa in people’s lives and homes. The Alexa in Amazon echo is a kind of a wireless cylindrical-shaped speaker with internet-connected microphones. These products were unveiled on Thursday and it became   first major showcase for Alexa since it debuted in 2014. The cost of the devices will be less than USD 180 which offers different features. When you set these gadgets up in your home then they listen to your commands and respond accordingly. Like for example they can read the morning headlines for you. Amazon has attempted to plant these Internet-connected microphones in many places as well as homes.Amazon introduces Alexa voice assistant powered Tap, Echo Dot

It is attempted by Amazon to plant Internet-connected microphones in many other places and more homes and by doing so Amazon is trying to take over the market from its rivals like Apple and Google. All this because Amazon wants to build its place among the “smart” homes which are nowadays furnished with electronics, appliances and things that can connect to internet. There is a competition going on between Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri and Google’s search engine which does more than the Echo. Alexa is trying to compete with these devices which are built the operating systems of various devices. People are now more concerned about their homes and show their interest in smart homes. A survey by Forrester Research’s Technographics in UD says that more than 4,600 adults which sums upto 57 % has either used the devices or were interested in them.

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These devices are available via Amazon.com and customers can begin ordering from Thursday. However Amazon tap can be easily bought but the Dot are only available to Amazon Prime subscribers who already possess an Echo or the Fire TV device of the company. Shipment of the devices will be beginning by the end of March 2016.