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Amazon Prime Android Phones No Longer Showing Ads

Feb 13, 2018

In some good news, Amazon Prime Android phones will no longer be showing lock-screen advertisements. As you may or may not know, these phones were discounted in price in exchange for the advertisements being on the lock-screen. Now, these lower-end Android phones will not contain these advertisements, which is a very good thing for users. Read on to learn more about the Amazon Prime Android smartphones and get details about this new change.

Amazon Prime Android Phones Now Available Without Advertisements

The best part about this news is that those phones will no longer be showing advertisements on the lock-screen. The bad news is that the price of Amazon Prime has gone up by $20. That said most of the Amazon Prime Android phones are discounted about $50 although some are up to $100 or even $200 off the regular price.

In the Developer Policy inside of Google Play, the rules were changed back in December 2017. The new rules state that essentially, no lock-screen advertisements can be on apps that are not specific to lock-screen. An app cannot put advertisements on the lock-screen if this was done as a monetary thing. Google did not outright ban the lock-screen advertisements, but made it so that apps cannot display them in a misleading manner. The user would now have to give consent for these lock-screen advertisements. For the user, it is hard to know most of time, which apps are displaying these lock-screen advertisements. Most games and apps have the ability to take the lock-screen over, so it is hard to know which app was responsible.

Amazon Prime Android Phones Ditch Lock-Screen Advertisements

The rules in the Developer Policy seem to not be aimed at these Amazon Prime Android phones. The user does know they are buying a phone with the lock-screen advertisements. The whole point of the phones is that the user is exchanging the lock-screen advertisements to get a lower price on the phones.

While the phone itself might not really be included in the rule, any updates on the phone would fall under the Google Play Store rules. These lock-screen advertisements on the phones are going through the Amazon Offers app. That is where the violation of the new rules would occur. The app is the one putting out the lock-screen advertisements.

How Amazon Prime Android Phone Advertisement Change Will Work & Future Implications

It would make more sense if Amazon decided to make a dedicated lock-screen app. From there, the advertisements could be pre-loaded onto the Amazon Prime Android phones. That would enable Amazon to be within the policy guidelines, and still offer these phones at the lower price in exchange for those lock-screen advertisements. In order for this change to happen, if you have an Amazon Prime Android phone, there should be an update coming to the Amazon Offers app. That new update will then remove those lock-screen advertisements from your device.

The Amazon Widget app will still be showing advertisements though, so it is important to keep that in mind. We are not sure how this will impact Amazon Prime Android phones. The prices of these phones could go up, since the lower prices were depending on that advertisement revenue. It seems that Amazon likely will have to come up with a solution to this new policy change, and hopefully it works for both the company and the users.