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Amazon Prime Video App Now on Android

Aug 31, 2017

We have some good news for you if you have an Android device as it appears Amazon Prime Video now has an app on Google Play Store. This app is available right now for people worldwide, and it is a great relief for those on Android. If you had an Android device then you probably remember sideloading the APK in order to get the Amazon Prime Video app on your Android device. Now, you will no longer need to worry about the APKs and all of those hoops as you can download the official app right from Google Play Store.

Amazon Prime Video App on Google Play Store

It is about time that the Amazon Prime Video app appeared on Google Play Store. It used to be on the Amazon app that was on Google Play Store, but then Amazon had to move the app due to Google policies.

Google Play Store put a policy in place that prevented an app from being an app store from within the app, which led to the Amazon Prime Video App being pulled from the Amazon app. The Prime Video app then went into the Amazon Underground app, but now, you do not have to download that app or sideload an APK to get Prime Video on Android.

If you have been outside of the United States, you might have noticed that the Amazon Prime Video app has been available for a few months already. While that is true for places outside of America, the Amazon Prime Video app has just made it onto the Google Play Store for the United States.

This means that the United States and over 200 other countries now have the Amazon Prime Video app. It does seem a little off that the United States is just now getting the Amazon Prime Video app, but better late than never as they always say.

Amazon Prime Video App Lacks Google Chromecast Support

One of the bad things about the Amazon Prime Video app being on Google Play Store is that it lacks the Google Chromecast support. This means that you will need another way to get the videos onto your bigger television screen. You can do this by smart television, Roku, Fire TV or you will need the Nvidia Shield TV.

You will need the Amazon Prime Video app pre-installed on the smart television in order to get the videos on your bigger screen. For some people this could be an issue because unless you have a smart television, it means you will need to purchase a secondary product in order to watch the Amazon Prime Video movies on your big screen.

If you want to download the new Prime video app, you can head to Google Play Store right now and download the app. The app itself is free to download, but once you open the app, you will need to use your Amazon Prime account. You will not be able to view any content on the app until you sign in with your Amazon Prime account.

There is still the 30-day free trial going on for Amazon Prime right now, so you could always download the app and sign up for Amazon Prime to try it out and see if you like it. Amazon Prime Video is very much like Netflix in terms of having original shows and content as well as having a ton of other movies and television shows that you can watch.