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Amazon Releases Internet- A Lightweight Browser for Android

Apr 21, 2018

You might have missed the news this week, but Amazon just released a lightweight browser for Android called Internet. A while back, Amazon announced it would not be using Android as the operating system. That appeared to be solely for the Amazon Fire devices though, since Amazon went with the Amazon Fire operating system. Even though Amazon has the Fire OS, the company has steadily been making apps specifically for Android. While Internet has been out for a little while now, no one seemed to notice it until this week.

Amazon Brings Internet Browsing App to Android

The Internet app has been out for a few weeks now, but no one seemed to notice that Amazon even released this browser for Android. This is a lightweight browser that is going to be less than 2MB to download, which is nice for the lower-end Android devices. There are plenty of people who do not have a lot of storage on their Android device and need a reliable browser.

Amazon is hoping that you download Internet for your browsing needs on Android. When it comes to this browser, it is free to download on Google Play Store. Amazon has even said that this is an extra small app download, due to just how lightweight and small in size it is. One reason for the small download size is that Amazon wants you to have more room on your Android device to download content.

If your browser is taking up too much space, then it takes away from the ability to download apps or other items onto your device. Just like with other popular browsers like Firefox, there is a private tab you can use which means websites will not be able to capture your information or data. Along with the private tabs, there also will not be any extra permissions. This means that you will not have to worry about giving a ton of permissions to the app to use it. Privacy is one of the main focal points of this Internet app.

Amazon Internet Browser for Android Focused on Privacy

There are a lot of people out there today who are focused on privacy and making sure that their data is safe and secure. That is where Internet, the browser from Amazon, is going to come in very handy. The goal of this app is simplicity, meaning that there are no hidden permissions or features that you will not be aware of.

The good news with this browser is that anyone who is running on Android 5 or higher can download and use the app right now. The bad news, is that right now, the app is only available in India. The release of this app has not made it quite yet to the United States, although we expect Amazon will release the American version really soon. If you have spoofed your location to be in India, you will be able to download the app from Google Play right now.

For people in America and other countries, beyond spoofing your location, you will have to wait a little longer to see this app released on a broader scale. It should not take very long for Amazon to bring this lightweight browser to other countries. India seems to be the testing grounds to ensure everything is running smoothly before releasing to bigger countries like the United States or Canada. Amazon seems to also have been focused on getting the browser to people in outside countries due to restrictions these people already face. Often times, people in India and similar countries are running on Android devices that are lower in quality.

Internet Browser Best for Developing Countries Due to Small Size

Since the developing countries are more likely to have less storage space on their Android device, it makes sense to bring this browser to them first. The less than 2MB size of this browser really does make it ideal for those on very low-quality cheap Android smartphones and tablets. We will keep you informed on if or when the new Internet browser by Amazon makes it into the United States. Hopefully, that will be here in the next month or two, but we cannot say for sure right now when this app will be expanded to more locations.

We want to know in the comments what you think of this new lightweight browser developed by Amazon. Do you think Amazon is trying to be competition for the likes of Firefox and Chrome? Are you surprised that this browser is only available in India for now? Would you use this lightweight browser if it does make it to the United States and other countries like Canada? Let us know what browser you use and if you think Internet can compete with the more popular mobile browsers out there.

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