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Amazon’s Free Android App Program Underground Shutting Down

Apr 30, 2017

We have some bad news if you have an Android device and often times get free apps from the Amazon Program Underground. Amazon just announced that Underground is going to be shutting down this summer. This is a program that allowed you to get free Android apps and it has been around for over 2 years. We have all of the latest news about Underground getting ready to shut down for good.

Amazon Underground Shutting Down

While the good news is that Underground will still be available until 2019, so you have the services and the support until then. We said that Underground will be shutting down this summer though because Amazon will not be accepting new requests for Android apps to get onto this program after May 31. We also said it will be shutting down this summer because if you have an Android device outside of the Amazon devices, you will not have access to this program after May 31 either. For Amazon Android users, that means that you will only have access to the Android apps available already, and there will not be any new apps or in-app purchases coming to Underground.

Underground has been around since 2015, and it allowed users to get access to paid in-app purchases and paid Android apps completely for free. If you would like to check out what the Underground Program is all about, you can still download Underground to your Android device. Amazon Fire tablets have Underground already installed on them as it comes preinstalled on Amazon devices. This program is not something available on Google Play Store, so if you want to check it out before it officially shuts down, you will have to go to the Amazon Underground website to install this onto your Android phone or tablet.

Amazon has not said why this program will be shutting down completely in 2019, with no new apps being added after May 31, 2017. Amazon only said that there are new opportunities for monetization for the app developers available now. Basically, Amazon said that Merch by Amazon allows the app developers to make money outside of the game.

You can now make branded t-shirts using the game characters and various images found in the game, so it seems that Amazon wants app developers to focus on merchandise for their games instead. Amazon also said that developers still get the 70 percent revenue share with Amazon Coins, although the customers are able to get the Coins at a special rate.

Underground Ending is the End of an Era

Amazon Underground was really a cool program because it allowed you to find various apps and in-app purchases you would have never known about otherwise. There were a lot of apps on Amazon Underground that were fun and entertaining, but they never got the attention they deserved. This program allowed the free access to these paid apps so that you would be able to get to know new app developers, some being indie developers that did not have the abilities to get onto Google Play Store.

There were a ton of cool apps available that really you would not think twice about outside of this program. This program ending is really the ending of an era because this was one of those really special programs that you felt you could connect with since it felt like a community. We do not know if Amazon will bring any other type of free apps program around in the future, but it seems that merchandise is the new way for Amazon. That means it is unlikely anything like this program will ever be created again.