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Android 8.1 Now Shows Available WiFi Network Speed

Jan 23, 2018

If you have an Android device, you might want to check out the new WiFi network speed feature rolling out to Android 8.1 Oreo devices. The new feature allows you to see the WiFi network speeds before you connect to them. This is great news because it gives you the option to either connect or not connect to the network depending on what you plan on doing on your device. Read on to learn about the new WiFi network speed feature and how it can help you.

New WiFi Network Speed Feature Rolling Out to Android 8.1 Oreo

The new WiFi network speed feature is great, because it tells you if the connection is fast or slow before you even connect. This will prevent you from connecting to a network that is too slow to run the program or app you are working on. It is important to remember, you are not getting a specific bandwidth readout with this feature.

Just having a “fast” and “slow” readout is going to be useful for many people. If you are trying to watch a movie, television show, or even a YouTube video, you will need to know the speeds. Obviously, with videos even on YouTube, it works best if you have a very quick connection compared to a very slow one.

Maybe you just need to connect to a WiFi hotspot to send out a quick email, in which case the “slow” network would be suitable. With this new WiFi network speed feature, you will be able to hop onto the hotspot that works best for what you need it for. Slow connections are those that are often under 1Mbps, while the just “OK” connections are around 1 to 5Mbps. Fast is 5Mbps to about 20Mbps, and those listed as “very fast” should be above the 20Mbps mark. So if you know the ranges for each of the readouts, from slow to very fast, you will get an idea of that network hotspot connection speed.

Android 8.1 Oreo WiFi Network Speeds Feature Shows Speed Before Connecting

The new WiFi network speeds feature will allow you to make better decisions when it comes to hooking up to a WiFi hotspot. You will be able to keep moving around to find the WiFi hotspot that you need in order to get your job done. If you see only slow connections, then you can move around until a fast or very fast connection pops up.

The best part is that you see all of this from within the WiFi settings on your Android device. You no longer will have to connect to a network to figure out the speed of it, since this information is available before you click to connect. This is a great way to save time and also be more productive, since you are not wasting valuable time connecting only to have to disconnect due to horrible speeds.

While it will not tell you the specific readouts, it will be useful if you are on the go a lot and have to connect to watch movies, shows, videos, or send an email with attachments. The readouts on this feature are pretty conservative, meaning some connections might be quicker than the estimated reading given to you. You could likely hop onto an “OK” connection and it be pretty quick, meaning at the higher end of the “OK” range.

If you would like to get this new feature, download Android 8.1 Oreo today to try it out. Those people that already have Android 8.1 downloaded, should see the new feature rolling out right now if it has not already appeared in the past couple days. Tell us in the comments what you think of this new feature. Do you think it will help knowing the WiFi network speeds before you connect to the hotspot?

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