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Top Android APK Emulators for Mac – 2018 Updated List

Sep 1, 2017

There are a lot of different Android APK Emulators for Mac out there. These emulators will allow you to play your Android games on your Mac computer, which a lot of people love to do because of the bigger screen. Due to how many emulators are available, it might be hard to know which ones are the best.

We thought we would tell you the best Android APK Emulators for Mac. Our list will give you plenty of great options if you are looking to get an APK emulator for your Mac, and the best part is that most of them will not cost you anything.

Best Android APK Emulators for Mac

Bluestacks Android Emulator- Since we are talking about the best Android APK Emulators for Mac, we have to start off our list with Bluestacks Android emulator. This is one of the easiest Android APK emulators in terms of downloading and installing it. This Android APK emulator is very easy to figure out and it offers cross platform app support. Bluestacks Android Emulator is so popular right now that there are over 130 million people using this emulator.

There is layercake technology embedded into this program, which means the graphically intense games can be run without any problems. The quality you get with this program beats nearly every other Android APK emulator out there. Top organizations such as Qualcomm, Intel, and Samsung have been involved in investing for this program. This means that it is of more high-quality program with high-quality components than other programs.

Droid 4X– If you are looking for one of the best Android APK Emulators for Mac out right now, the Droid 4X emulator is exactly what you need. This program will also double as a game controller, and you will love the smooth and elegant design of this program. Droid 4X gives you a keyboard option, which means that the keyboard is already integrated into the program.

You can drag and drop as well, which means you can install your Android APK files simply and quickly. If you have lower-quality Mac hardware, you will notice that Droid 4X can still work smoothly and still maintain a high-quality in terms of gameplay.

Andyroid Emulator- One of the best Android APK Emulators for Mac out there is Andyroid Emulator. This is a great emulator because it is not only one of the most trendy and popular, but it has really cool features. There are features and functions in Andyroid Emulator that you will not find in any other emulator. OpenGL hardware support and ARM translation are just a couple features of this program. There is a virtual interface with Andyroid and it also supports local system file access.

Genymotion- Genymotion is definitely one of the top Android APK Emulators for Mac today. This has 3x the speed of your actual Android device, which means you get high-quality gaming at incredibly quick speeds. You will notice that the customer support with Genymotion is better than with almost any other Android APK emulator out there.

You can play nearly any APK with Genymotion and this program has over 4 million users to prove just how reliable and quick it really is. You can also get a personal license for this program completely for free. You will love the layout of Genymotion plus the simple design and amazing controls that give you access to tons of features.

Xamarin App Player for Mac- If we are going to talk about the best Android APK Emulators for Mac, we have to end our list with the Xamarin App Player. This is an Android APK emulator that supports OpenGL and it is very similar in terms of functionality to Genymotion. The display in Xamarin App Player is nearly flawless and does not have any lag associated with it. You will find that this Android APK emulator definitely is simple to use with simple controls.

That is great if you have never messed with APK emulators before. This might not be the top one on our list, but it does not mean that Xamarin App Player is not worth checking out if you are looking for a great Android APK emulator. This is definitely a more simple emulator, which means it is perfect for people who do not need a ton of features or funtions in order to have fun with their Android games.