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Android App In Development to Measure Sperm Count

Mar 26, 2017

In what makes for a mix between science and Android, a new app is in development right now to measure sperm count. We already have a ton of apps out there on Android that are health-related, including pregnancy trackers and menstrual tracking apps. Now, it seems that the men are getting an Android app just for them with the new sperm counting app. Continue reading to learn more about the new development in the Android app world.

Sperm Count Android App in Development

It is definitely some pretty interesting news to hear that an app is in development right now that would measure sperm count. Makes sense due to there being a ton of fitness and health apps already out there on the market for Android. We have pregnancy apps, menstruation tracking apps, and even ovulation prediction apps.

Now, men are getting into the reproductive-health app market with this app which will measure your sperm count. This new app is being developed by the researchers from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. There is a prototype already made that will bring an inexpensive device to your Android phone. This inexpensive add-on tool will analyze your semen samples, and give you a measurement of your sperm count.

How the Sperm Count Android App Works

The researchers published their new invention in the Science Translational Medicine journal this week. The first part about this app is the inexpensive device, which is a battery-powered attachment. The researchers, in this case used a 3D printer to make this tool using CD and DVD drive LED lenses.

Essentially, there will be a disposable microchip in the device which will be where the semen sample goes. Once you insert the semen into the device, the attachment will then go onto the Android camera lens. For the prototype, the researchers used a Moto X running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. From there, the app will record many videos running at 30fps, which are all like one-second clips. The image detection algorithms will then record the sperm movements that go across the frames.

What the Sperm Count App Could Cost

While there are still a lot of steps to make this new device available for Android, the cost will be fairly insignificant. The materials itself costs less than $5, and the hope is that it will be available for less than $50 if it makes it into production. The researchers are trying to get FDA approval on this device and the app, so there is still work to be done before we see this device hitting the Android marketplace.

The goal is that the low-cost of the device and the app will be useful for almost anyone running an Android phone or tablet. When you look at medical costs associated with testing sperm counts, often times which is not covered by insurance, this could be a great alternative.

The researchers have not said how close the sperm count numbers are using the Android app with the device when compared to a doctor visit. Even if the sperm count is a little off of what a lab would tell you, a ballpark estimate for many men is definitely worthwhile and worth the money. The stress of going into an office and providing the sperm sample mixed with the high cost of fertility treatments is something many people both in the United States and abroad worry about. If this new sperm count device and app will get you in range of what your sperm count really is, then you will be able to know whether you need to spend the extra money down the road if children are in your future.