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Android Auto & Apple CarPlay Found to be Less Distracting to Drivers

Oct 16, 2018

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay have been found to be less distracting to drivers, according to a new study. This report is showing that these infotainment systems are way better than the electronics built into the cars, and are also safer.

The infotainment systems easier to use and more simple to use for most people. They are less distracting when it comes time to drive as well, although not perfect most would consider them a jackpot compared to older “infotainment” systems. The report is sponsored by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, and we have all of the details about the report. Keep reading to learn more about what this report showed as far as how infotainment systems impact your driving.

Android Auto & Apple CarPlay Shown to Be Less Distracting

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are the biggest infotainment systems out in cars these days. You probably have seen a lot of automakers putting these infotainment systems into their newest vehicles. With these infotainment systems, you can do a ton of things such as talk and text while driving, as well as get directions and play music. If social media is your thing, you can also do that while driving with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay or even find yourself the latest Jackpotjoy promo code 2018 if that’s what you fancy.

New research has come out that was sponsored by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. It is showing that both of these infotainment systems are safer than traditional built-in electronic items. This is likely due to the fact that both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are easier to use. That means there are safer means of doing the things you want to do. The research showed that these infotainment systems do not require as much attention from the driver. That is compared to the normal older built-in systems. Even though it appears to be safer, it is not really that safe. You should still not be performing any extreme tasks while you are behind the wheel of a car.

Android Auto & Apple CarPlay Study Shows Infotainment Systems Less Demanding

The biggest thing to come out of this study is that it shows how the progress in technology is making people less distracted than the old built-in systems of the past. This study was managed by researchers out of the University of Utah as well as the AAA Foundation. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is an educational organization that is also a non-profit. These two groups have been researching for a while about the lengths of distraction. Specifically, distractions that are coming from built-in electronics and mobile devices. The electronics being looked at are those that have touch screens, use buttons, and also use voice commands.

The study last fall was looking at the infotainment systems which were in 30 different cars and trucks from 2017 model years. 10 more models from 2017 and 2018 were added to the newest study. The study was using things such as visual, manual, and mental demands that are required when using infotainment systems. That includes things such as taking your eyes off of the road, making calls or sending a text, and getting directions.

Details & Conclusions of Android Auto & Apple CarPlay Infotainment Systems on Distraction

Looking at the 40 vehicles, the study determined that none of these vehicles were rated as low risk, meaning it would be comparable to listening to the radio itself. 29 had a very high or high demand, while 11 were considered moderately demanding. With the smartphone-based systems, most people were able to perform the tasks easily and quickly. Programming navigation took 15 seconds, which was about 31 percent quicker if you used the smartphone system.

The latest data for distracted driving is 2016, and it showed that there were 3,450 traffic death related to distracted driving. Thousands of injuries have also occurred as a result of distracted driving. Regardless of how good this study looks for the infotainment industry, you still should not be performing any complex tasks while you are behind the wheel of a car. While Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are much safer, there is still a pretty big risk associated with the distracted driving overall.

We want to know what you think of infotainment systems in newer vehicles. Do you have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay in your vehicle? Distracted driving is going to be an issue regardless, but do you think that these infotainment systems are better than just staring down at your cell phone? What do you think will happen in the future with infotainment systems? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, we want to know what you think.