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Android Auto Rolling Out as Standalone Android App

Nov 7, 2016

Android Auto 2.0 is now coming to Android devices near you as a standalone app, and it is now available in the Google Play Store. You might have heard about Google Car Play before, and Android Auto is similar to that in terms of how it can help you while you are on the road. This new standalone app will allow you to do multiple things in your car, regardless of the type of Android device you have.

How Android Auto 2.0 Works

Android Auto 2.0 will allow you to get your apps and services while you are in the car, with an automatic Bluetooth connectivity that enables all of your important apps. You will not even have to pair up the Bluetooth in your car to Android Auto, and that saves you time.


The apps that you can use with Android Auto include various music apps like Pandora, Jango, and Spotify. You also will be able to start up your messaging and voice apps while in the car, allowing you to know who is calling you or messaging you while you are driving. The best part about this is that you can reply with a one-tap automatic message, which tells the person you are driving at this time. You will be able to customize the types of automatic messages that you can send to people, and there are other customizable options in the “Settings” that you can play around with as well.

Android Auto will also enable you to use maps and various directional apps while in the car. The ability to get directions and maps immediately like a GPS system is very important for a lot of people. The maps and directional apps will appear on your screen, and Google will even read the directions back to you as you drive. Even though Android Auto has been out for a while, previously you had to have the Android Auto capabilities built into the car itself. This new standalone version will just allow any car with Bluetooth to use the features of the Android Auto app. Currently there are over 200 new cars and 50 different car brands that support Android Auto.

You will also notice that Android Auto has an easy-to-use interface, which allows you to put all of your apps together in one place to use while you are in the car. The only thing you have to do in order to get Android Auto 2.0 on your Android device, is you have to be running Android 5.0 or later on your device. There will be more hands-free voice commands coming to the new standalone version of the app in the next several weeks, so there will be even more integration and user-friendly options coming shortly.