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Android Developers Now Allowed to Offer Sales on Apps

Feb 28, 2017

If you own an Android device, you might be excited to know that the app developers just got the okay to run promotions and sales on apps. This news comes during Google’s Developer Day 2017, known as GDC. There are some new features on Android and on Google Play that will help both the customer and the developers.

Android App Developers Given Abilities to Run Promotions

The biggest news coming out of Google’s Developer Day 2017, for a lot of people, is the news that developers can now run various promotions on apps using Google Play Store. Consumers and developers alike should be happy about this news. You will even start noticing the changes today, as you will find a lot of apps have a price that has a strike through it. The strikethrough pricing will allow you to see which apps are being sold at a sale or promotional price.

The developers will be allowed to list the regular price, with the strike through it, and with the promotional price below it. You will notice a “Buy” button above that, and that will let you know just how much money you are saving on the app in Google Play Store while it is at the sale or promotional pricing. According to Google, more people will purchase apps if they see they are saving money. Google knows this because the company saw about a 20 percent increase in app sales when this new feature was in beta testing, and even some continued after those sales ended.

That is not the only change coming to Google Play Store however. Google is going to be focusing more on the apps and games that people are playing, instead of those apps that are just downloaded and never running. The apps people have big engagement in will be more prominent on Google Play Store, which is basically an algorithm change. There will also be hand-picked games coming to the new editorial section of Google Play. There will be various styles and genres that will be featured and given attention, which is a pretty cool development for Google Play.

All of these changes to Google Play are going to benefit people on both sides of the aisle. The customers will be able to see the savings on different apps through the sales and promotions. This allows the customer to decide whether or not the sale price is worth now downloading that app for, and it will show them specifically how much they are saving compared to the regular price. This will likely increase the amount of times the consumer visits the Google Play Store, since developers will be running promotions and sales often for different games and genres. There will be a ton of variety in terms of which apps will be on sale, and sometimes a couple dollars off regular price is enough to get people interested in paying for that app they were thinking about for a while but never pulled the trigger on.

This news is good for the developers too since they will be able to promote some of their best and most well-known games by having special sales and promotions. Developers will be able to attract more eyeballs to their games, and in turn, end up getting some loyal customers out of the deal that might want to check out other games that developer has out on Google Play. The change to Google Play Store overall, with the hand-picked editorial section, will also be good for developers because it will give them a chance to have their games highlighted and apps highlighted by the Google Play Store team. Not to mention, the apps that have the most user engagement will be getting a more prominent feature on Google Play Store, which also should drive up revenue for those developers who have highly engaging games.

  • This is great stuff from business point of view for the developers. This is cool stuff from Google.