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Android Go Is New Lightweight OS for Cheap Android Phones

May 18, 2017

We have learned a ton of things at the 2017 Google I/O Developers Conference. One of the biggest surprises we have learned is that Google is working on Android Go. Android Go is going to be the new operating system for cheap Android devices. The best part about this is that Android Go will be a lightweight version of the operating systems, beginning with Android O. If you have an Android device or are interested in cheap phones, read on to learn more about this new product.

Android Go Is Lightweight Android Operating System

The biggest amazing news we learned about Android is that there are over 2 billion Android devices already circulating around the world. Google is happy about those numbers but wants to improve them. That is where Android Go comes in, as this will be a lightweight Android operating system that will run on the cheaper devices out there.

This is a new project that will begin with the new Android O operating system. From Android O forward, we will get a version of Android Go for each new system release. All of the apps that run on this new Android project will also be optimized for Google Play Store.

Android Go is going to be used in the cheap Android phones, which will help people who have limited connectivity or who have little RAM and storage on their device. The apps that run on the cheaper Android phones will work better using this new system. The Android apps will mostly all be under 10MB in size and will be supportive of those devices that have small RAM. There will even be data saving features built into Chrome, which will allow Chrome to load up websites quicker and lessen the data being used.

More Android Go Details You Should Know

Even better than these features, is that there will be apps like YouTube, which will be specifically designed for Android Go. YouTube Go will be on this operating system, which was an app previously only YouTube Red subscribers had. You will notice it is optimized and also it will come with a video preview window. From that preview window, you will be able to check out the video before loading it to see if it is what you want to watch.

Once you have determined you want to watch the video, you can choose the video quality you want the video in. This is really cool because if you do not want to use a lot of data or you want a lower quality video just to save battery life or any other reason, you can choose the standard definition options over the high-definition options. You even have the ability to download the video while on Wi-Fi and then watch it later when you are offline or off Wi-Fi. Android Go is primarily targeted for the developing countries of the world, while YouTube Red subscriptions are only a thing in the United States.

Even though Android Go will be targeted for those in developing countries, it is still something people in America could use as well. If you live in rural areas where service is spotty, this low-budget Android device might be the best option for you. It also helps out the lower-income people in America who cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on the good Android phones but want the functions and features of the regular Android devices.

The really good news out of all of this is that Android Go will be coming shortly. We will have the first iteration of this with Android O. Every Android operating system after O will have a version of Go with it too. This is great because people who are on the lower-end cell phones can now load up Android Go and not have to worry about their devices freezing or lagging due to having outdated hardware or firmware on their devices.

Google is hoping that this new lightweight operating system will help connect more people to Android, especially those in the developing countries and countries where cell service is hard to come by. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, you will only have to wait a little longer since the Beta versions of Android O are already available. That means the final release of Android O will be sometime within the next few months, so get ready for Android Go.