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Android Laptop Dock Delayed 4 Months

Dec 30, 2016

If you have been anxiously awaiting the shipping date of the Superbook, which is the Android laptop dock, be prepared for some disappointment. The Superbook, which helps convert your Android smartphone into a laptop, is going to miss the expected shipping date of February 2017.

Android Laptop Dock Delayed Until June 2017

The Android laptop dock was supposed to be ready for shipment in February 2017, but it appears that date has been changed to June 2017. This is a pretty big delay for one of the more high-profile Kickstart projects out there to date. This is a $99 device that will allow your smartphone to turn into a laptop by using a screen and basic keyboard shell. Your Android phone memory and processor is used for this laptop converter, so you do not have to worry about any of those features.

This was one of the most successful Kickstarter projects out there, with it raising about $3 million with 16.732 backers. The company said that because of the supplier issues and design changes, it will have to delay the shipment from February 2017 until June 2017. For a lot of people who have backed this device, this is a little bit of a letdown. The company, though, did not expect the campaign to become as successful as it was. It took the company by a complete surprise when so many backers decided to pledge $3 million towards this Android laptop converter device. It was because of the huge success of the Superbook that the company felt it was better to change the design before the product is manufactured.

The CEO, Andrew Jiang, said that the manufacturing experts told the company that there were things that could be changed and should be changed to help with manufacturing. It would also allow for the International Backers to better use the products, so the CEO agreed to the changes. Those changes, of course, are what is leading to the four-month delay, although the CEO is sure that people will be surprised and also happy about those changes once the device ships out in June 2017.

Jiang also said that there are some needs right now, such as a need for component vendors. The issue is that the prices for the parts ended up going up quite a bit. This means that the company needs some more companies to step up and make components for this Superbook. The company is still trying to save money where it can though, which can help keep costs down as the demand for this product has only increased in the past few months. One thing the company did in order to cut costs was to use ocean freight shipping, which will substantially cut down on the shipping costs once the item is ready to ship. The CEO also said that he was going to eliminate VAT and various customs expenses that the International Backers were going to have to deal with, so that will make it nice for the International Backers once shipping time arrives.

As far as the customers go, some people said that the four-month delay was not that big of a deal, especially when considering the product was only $99. Other people are demanding refunds, which of course, is always a possibility when dealing with Kickstarter campaigns and delays. If you are in the group of people demanding a refund, you should know that at this point in time, there is no refund that will be coming your way. Delays happen when new products are being manufactured, and that is something you essentially agree to when you donate your money to a Kickstarter campaign.

When you go to back something on a Kickstarter, you kind of have to assume the risk that the product could either be late or not arrive at all. Most of the time the product you backed does arrive, maybe sometimes delayed and not on schedule, like this Superbook product. A lot of the time, things that you donate money towards will arrive late, because the company or person behind it does not expect the influx of people demanding the product, and that changes the production, manufacturing, and shipping of the product. For Superbook, it looks like if you backed the product, you will have to wait until summer 2017 to see your product.