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Android Loyalty Remains Higher than iOS but Not by Much

Feb 1, 2019

A new report has been released which shows that Android loyalty is higher than iOS. The trend is setting up for iOS to overtake Android though, which likely could happen this year. This new report comes from data compiled by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.

Android loyalty as shown by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners is at 92 percent, which is pretty amazing. One interesting piece of information from this report is that both iOS and Android loyalty has shot up significantly within the past year. Keep reading to learn more information about what this report showed when it comes to loyalty between these two operating systems.

Report Shows Android Loyalty Slightly Higher than iOS

In this new report compiled by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, it is showing Android loyalty is at 92 percent. That is a huge amount of people who claim to be loyal to Android. What this means is that the person had an Android phone before, and then when they upgraded their phone, they chose to stick with Android.

A lot of these loyal Android people have been loyal for years. With Android, it has always remained pretty high. Back in 2017, Android loyalty was at 90 percent, so as you can see, the loyalty has increased slightly over the past year. This is likely due to there being more options for Android, such as more smartphones and third-party products or services.

When it comes to the loyalty of those on iOS, historically speaking, these numbers have always been lower than Android. Even though it has been lower for those on iOS, the numbers are steadily creeping up towards Android. In fact, the iOS loyalty is sitting at 91 percent right now. We have to expect that within the next year, iOS will either tie or go above Android. The iOS numbers have been rising over the past couple years, and this trend is going to likely continue.

What Results in Loyalty to Either iOS or Android?

You might be wondering what exactly results in the loyalty to either iOS and Android, and that is actually a pretty simple answer. If you have only used Android, then trying to learn everything on iOS does take some time. Once you have one operating system down, it will require a learning curve to really know the other system. There is a huge hassle with switching to the other operating system. That is especially true when you have everything tied to either Google or Apple.

Integration within that operating system is also something that makes it harder to switch to the other system. Google has everything tied together for Android and setup for Android, including services like YouTube and Google Home. When you look at Apple, it has everything tied together including Apple TV, iPad, MacBook, and Apple HomeKit products. If you own more Apple products, moving to Android is definitely an inconvenience because it would be difficult to get those products to work with Android.

What the Future Holds for iOS & Android Loyalty

When it comes to the loyalty of both of these operating systems, we predict that it will get even harder for people to switch as time goes on. That is because both iOS and Android are integrating into our lives even more, especially as more smart devices are released for each system. The more iOS or Android products you own, the less likely you will be in the future to switch to the other system. It makes sense that as we rely more on these devices and assistants, we would not watch to switch to the other system.

We want to know what you think about the loyalty to both iOS and Android in the comments below. Are you going to stick with the operating system you are using right now in the future? Do you own a ton of other products that would make switching to the other system nearly impossible? Which system have you used the longest and why do you prefer that operating system? Do you think that iOS will overtake Android in the loyalty department this year? If you are thinking about switching, what would make you finally pull the trigger and switch?