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Android Malware Chrysaor Raises Spying Concerns

Apr 4, 2017

If you have an Android device, you might be concerned to know that Android Malware Chrysaor is making waves, and this new malware is very alarming. This new malware that was detected could end up turning your Android device into a spying machine, which raises the risk of possible espionage. Continue reading to learn about this new Android malware and what it could do to your Android device.

Android Malware Chrysaor Raises Espionage Risk

Android Malware Chrysaor is making a splash this week and it has a lot of people concerned about the risk of spying and espionage. This new malware that is targeting Android devices can turn your Android phone into a spying apparatus, leading to concerns about espionage. NSO Group Technologies is behind creating this malware, which was first discovered about a year ago. NSO Group Technologies is an Israeli-based group that sells and creates software exploits for Android.

If you think that the name Chrysaor sounds familiar, it might because it is derived from the old iOS spyware called Pegasus. Pegasus first appeared on iOS devices but then made it onto Android devices through unsuspecting Android users who downloaded apps outside of the Google Play Store. The apps that were infected with Pegasus came from third-party app stores, and the new Android Malware Chrysaor appears to be similar in that fashion.

The new Android Malware Chrysaor is a spying tool, much like Pegasus was. Both of these malware types were created and developed by nation-states with the intention of spying on targeted groups of people. If there is any good news about this new Android malware, it is that it is a targeted attack, so not everyone using an Android device will be affected. Notably, the Android Security Team has said only 36 Android devices so far have been found to have this malware installed on them.

That is because unlike other potentially harmful apps, Chrysaor is being created to download and install on certain Android devices. The people behind this malware have spent a ton of time and money creating this malware so that it will be targeted to individual people and groups. It is because of the targeted nature of this malware that people are concerned about the risk of spying and espionage, such as being directed at world leaders or politicians.

What Android Malware Chrysaor Does to Android Device

This malware is concerning for a few different reasons, mostly because it is essentially a spying tool. One of the things that the Android Malware Chrysaor can do is keylogging, which means everything you type on your Android device is being recorded. This includes passwords and emails that you are typing out on your android.

Another thing that this malware can do is collect all kinds of user data and information. Some things it can collect are call logs, calendar information, SMS information, SMS messages, call logs and history, browser information, and even information from various messaging apps. Some of the messaging apps that the malware can get into include Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Skype.

We also see that this malware can take screenshots of your Android device without your consent or knowledge. This means any website you visit or anything you are doing on your Android device can be recorded and you would never know. The Android Malware Chrysaor also has the ability to RoomTap, which is basically where the malware can answer your phone calls and run in the background as you are still talking. This means your phone conversations could be recorded, hence the concern for spying and espionage.

Another thing that is concerning with the Android Malware Chrysaor is that the malware will basically self-destruct if it is found. If you run a spyware program and find the malware, it will delete itself off your Android device. This is very odd and definitely, makes it scarier because you do not know how long it was there or sometimes that it was there at all if it deletes itself before you see it. You can think of this malware as like an undercover spy, and if it gets caught on your Android device, it will just make itself go away so you do not catch it.