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Android Market Share Increases

Jul 24, 2017

If you have an Android device, you might be interested in knowing that the Android Market Share has increased for the early part of 2017. The latest information about the Android market share increase is coming from CIRP. This is good news for Android as it has appeared lately that Android could be lagging behind, but the report shows that Android is actually doing better than last year. Read on to learn more about Android increasing its market share and what this means for Android.

Android Increases Market Share in Early 2017

We have good news about the Android Market Share for early 2017, which is that the Android Market Share has actually increased. A lot of people seem to forget about how important Android is both in the United States and in other countries around the world. There was a new report that was released from CIRP, and this report showed that there was a 4 percent increase in the Android Market Share within the past year.

This comes on the heels of rumors that have been swirling around about a possible delay with the upcoming iPhone 8. This potential delay only is going to make Android that much more persuasive for those looking to upgrade their smartphone device this year.

The report from CIRP shows that in the April to June quarter of 2017, the Android Market Share was 67 percent. This is up from the 63 percent that the Android Market Share was at the same time frame last year, which is a pretty good increase. When you looked at the competition, meaning iOS, it actually dropped from 32 percent to 31 percent within that same time frame. Windows did not even compare to the main two smartphone brands out there, with more people choosing Android over all other competition.

Windows has basically fallen off of the map recently, even so much that Microsoft has all but ended Windows phones all together as the company focuses on making better apps for Android and iOS. Android ended up outselling iOS and overall seems to be doing much better in terms of overall activation and access.

Android Market Share Goes Up As iOS Flatlines

While iOS did go down 1 percent, it can be said that iOS has flatlined recently, and Android has taken advantage of this. Part of the problem is that Apple is not quick to make new products, with it being years in between the newest iPhones. Android on the other hand, is always coming out with new products and phones. Part of how the Android Market Share is increasing is due to how many smartphone manufacturers have the ability to make Android devices, even the basic cheap models of Android phones.

When you look at the cheap models of Android phones, they are really popular in other countries outside of the United States, which is also why the Android Market Share has increased recently. People in developing countries have been getting their hands on Android smartphones, and they really love the cheaper brands that offer less features but the same overall system.

We likely will see the Android Market Share fall a little in the coming months, especially once the iPhone 8 releases. With the rumored delay on that product though, it appears that Android might have even more time to increase its market share over iOS. It appears that no matter what, the Android Market Share will either continue to increase or stay relatively the same, with no huge drops in the forecast anytime soon.

For people who have Android devices, this is good news because it means that there will be more manufacturers and companies willing to supply Android products. It also means that there will be more upgrades and possibilities for Android over the next several months.