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Android Messages Adds Easy Two-Factor Authentication Code Copy Option

May 16, 2018

If you have an Android device, you might want to know about the new easy method you can use to copy the two-factor authentication codes. While this might not be a huge update to Android Messages, Google is hoping it helps a lot of people.

The previous setup for two-factor authentication code copying was a bit of a hassle, and required you to memorize the code and write it down. That is no longer going to be the case with this new Android Messages update, which is rolling out right now.

Android Messages Now Makes Two-Factor Authentication Easier

If you are one of the many who have sat there using two-factor authentication on your Android device, you know how tedious the process was. You would have to wait for a text message containing the code to arrive, and then try to memorize this code. From memory, you would have to type in the code into the login screen, and it was a huge headache. Sometimes you would type the code wrong, other times you had to look a few times before you entered the code to ensure you got it correct.

That was the old way of doing two-factor authentication, but with the new Android Messages update things are getting much easier. The new update allows you to copy the authentication codes, just by clicking one single time. You will be able to copy the codes right from the notification, which is great news for people who use two-factor authentication for security. The new Android Messages update now automatically will detect if you have received a two-factor authentication code. You then are notified via the notification feature. From there, you have the option to copy the two-factor authentication code.

Android Messages Brings Simple Two-Factor Authentication Copying in Update

This new process only requires one step, which is copying the two-factor authentication code from the notification that pops up through Android Messages. No longer will you need to go from one screen to another and try to remember the code yourself. This is definitely going to be a helpful option for many, although it has not made it to everyone yet. The new Android Messages update is still continuing to roll out. This means that you might not see this new update quite yet. Everyone should be seeing the Android Messages app update by the end of this week though.

Copying the two-factor authentication codes from notifications is not a new thing however. Many other companies have already had this feature, including Xiaomi. Most of the companies that have already had this feature are Chinese phone manufacturers. Now, Google is getting into the mix and making it very simple to copy the codes using Android Messages. Many people have been using two-factor authentication for their accounts, since it is way more secure than just your standard login.

Android Messages Adds Two-Factor Authentication Copy Feature & It’s About Time

If you are not using the two-factor authentication yet, you really need to be thinking about getting in on this. It is one way you can easily make your accounts more secure without having to do a lot of work. The new ability to copy the authentication codes from your notifications makes things much easier than before.

We should tell you though, that two-factor authentication still has the ability to get intercepted, so it is still not completely secure. Even though there is still a possibility of the code being intercepted, it is still much more secure than using just a username and password.

We want to hear from you about the new feature on Android Messages. Are you someone who utilizes the two-factor authentication for your accounts? Is this new copy ability through Messages and the notification going to be a help for you? Do you think that this type of authentication should be used for everything or just specific things like banking? If you have tried out the new two-factor authentication copying feature on Android Messages, let us know how it is working out for you in the comments below.